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How to Make Sure People Show Up to Your Wedding

Your wedding should be special because of the people that are there. Thus, you need to go the extra mile to make sure that your wedding is planned and advertised in such a way that gives people the time they need to make arrangements. You don’t want to be in a situation where your loved ones cannot come.

Send Out Invites Early

Planning far ahead in advance is essential. As soon as you and your future spouse decide to get married, decide on a date. You don’t need to have everything planned before you send out invites – but you do need the date, time, and location. The faster you send out invites, the more time family and friends will have to make arrangements. They might have to deal with travel, with kids, with school, with work – but they’re going to need months to figure things out. Give people at least three months’ notice (although it’s usually better to give a number like six months). Make sure that people receive their invitations, especially if they live overseas.

Pick a Convenient Venue

You need to have the venue figured out basically before you send the invitations. Finding a venue that works and doesn’t break the bank can be quite time-consuming, so start immediately. The key here is to find a venue that only works well and looks good but is also convenient for your guests. Picking a ski resort in the middle of winter that can only be accessed by driving through heavy snow in a powerful truck for a few hours would be difficult for a lot of people. Your venue should be accessible by car or public transport. It should be a place that can be used in various kinds of weather just in case the forecasts aren’t accurate.

Be Reasonable

The final nail in the coffin for a lot of guests who might be unsure if they want to invest their time and money in going to a wedding often is the demands that are made. This can sometimes happen with dress codes when organizers mandate styles and colors that are far too specific. This might be your choice of refreshments – guests expect to be fed a meal and will find themselves hungry if you cut corners on catering costs.

You need to make sure that you are courteous and respectful of those who you invite. People need time to organize. They also likely won’t want to be greatly inconvenienced by the setup of your wedding, however it may be. Plan ahead and double-check everything, and your wedding will turn out wonderful.

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