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How to Protect Yourself and Others From a COVID-19 Winter Wave

COVID-19 has revolutionized the way people look at the world. While cases in some areas have started to dwindle and medical experts have improved in their treatments, there is rumor of a “winter wave.” Each person should work to protect themselves and others from the virus through strong efforts.

Social Distance

Most people know the importance of social distancing. By keeping your distance from other people, you are ensuring that you will slow the spread of the coronavirus. You should encourage other people (politely) to follow the standards as well to keep the spread mitigated. Community efforts can make a big difference.

Businesses worldwide have made concerted efforts to ensure customer safety. Stay on the circles which are spaced six feet apart, and try to follow arrows that business owners place on the ground to direct traffic flow. Listen to their requests and pay special attention to your local officials. Social distancing works effectively.

Wear a Mask

The other thing people can do to try and prevent a COVID-19 disaster is wear a mask or other face covering. A face covering most protects vulnerable populations from COVID-19 transmission. While they are not perfect, there is evidence to show masks can contribute to slowing the spread in smaller communities.

There is a lot of contention around this topic, but you may have options to try to circumvent your frustrations. Wear a mask highlighting something you care about. Neck gaiters can be more comfortable and keep you warm. Face shields also work and can show your whole face to others. Get creative with it.

Be Careful During Holidays

The main reason experts think a “winter wave” is coming is due to the holiday season. The virus spreads easier indoors, and large groups of people spending time on the holidays seems like an easy way to spread the virus. Depending on your family situation, you should be careful about how you gather during the holidays.

You should mostly be concerned if you have some immune-compromised individuals among you. If you are worried, try to implement social distancing guidelines into your family gatherings. Encourage masks near specific people. While this may not be practical, there could be ways to make it work.

While COVID-19 is still not under control, there are things you can do that are within your control. People have found out that doing the basics can prevent the worst community spread. Do your part, and prevent COVID-19 from spreading too far!

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