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How to Put Together Amazing Décor for Your Winter Wedding

Winter isn’t a typical time to have a wedding, however it is just as beautiful a time as any. Just because your wedding is in the winter doesn’t mean you need to stick to winter specific themes or colors, however there are many to choose from that can make your wedding unique. To put together amazing décor for your winter wedding you should pick the perfect setting, incorporate lighting, and choose seasonal.

Pick the Perfect Setting

There are a few things to look for in a wedding venue, including the potential a space has to support amazing decorations. You should look for a space that reflects your dream wedding. You can find venues that support your dream such as being cozier or have more outdoor scenery. Your venue can be the great palette from which you have to work from as you decorate for your dream wedding. You should also keep in mind how many guests you will have and if there are indoor and outdoor options.

Incorporate Lighting

Because there is less natural light during the days in the winter, lighting is an important part of your décor for your winter wedding. Your lighting can also help create a cozy or romantic atmosphere which can amplify your theme and décor. You can go simple by adding candles throughout the venue or you can even hire a professional company to install overhead lighting.

Choose Seasonal

You can start your décor by choosing the colors you want for your wedding. You can choose seasonal colors, such as jewel tones, or if you had your heart set on pastels you can choose colors with a slightly darker or more tan hue to feel cozier. Once you have your colors and design picked, you can choose your flowers. You should work with a flower designer because they will know what is in season and can create arrangements of your dreams. You can choose flowers such as Amaryllis or Anemone and add lots of greenery and berries to your arrangements to make it beautiful and seasonal.

Putting together amazing décor for your winter wedding can be stressful but thinking of each element can be helpful. If needed, you can enlist the help of professionals who decorate for a living to help you carry out your vision. Once all the elements come together you will have the perfect décor for your perfect day.

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