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How to Save Money on Your Wedding Venue

Wedding venues are one of the most important elements of a wedding. They also can be one of the most difficult and expensive. It can be extremely hard to find that perfect balance – where the venue is just how you want it, but also within your budget.

Avoid Peak Seasons

Weddings also tend to take place on a seasonal basis, believe it or not. Summertime tends to be when most weddings happen. People are off work and school, the weather is nicer, and it’s just all around the more popular time. Unfortunately, this also means that wedding venues tend to be more expensive during this time. Since the owners want to still be getting bookings in the off-season, they will likely have deals during the wintry months of the year. If a good, cheap venue is more important to you than the summer sun, you might want to consider taking advantage.

Get Married in a Church

You and your future spouse may not be actively religious – but if you have any cultural or spiritual connection to a religion, you might want to consider getting married in a house of worship. Usually, churches are a whole lot cheaper than professional venues. Sometimes, they might even be completely free! Talk to your local spiritual leaders or individuals in question who can help you take the right steps to have a church wedding. Usually, getting married at a church involves spiritual preparation, so prepare yourself for whatever that may look like for you. This is when a church’s other function as a community center can be very helpful.

Cut Back on Less-Important Aspects

Sometimes, you might find yourself in a situation where you simply cannot find the perfect venue. Or rather, maybe you did find it – but it’s just outside of your venue budget! You actually can make financial space for this if you cut down on some of the other parts of the wedding that might cost you. This can include the number of guests, the amount or quality of alcohol being served, and the added touches. Ask the venue if you can use some of their built-in resources instead of paying for fancier options. They may have a sound or light system already built in.

Weddings are undoubtedly difficult to pull off. You need to prioritize with your future spouse exactly which aspects will be most important to both of you. This way, you’ll know what you need to spend money on first and foremost.

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