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How to Start Using Your Truck for a Repair Business

Everyone has got to start somewhere. And when it comes to your local repair business, what better way to go about it than to use your work vehicle to advertise and grow your company? Here are some quick but effective ways you can start.

Put Your Logo on It

At this point, you should have a vision for the brand of your business. You should have a professionally designed logo that tells the customer, in a single glance, everything that you’re about. It should be clear and eye-catching but not tacky. Talk to your local professionals who can customize car decals and do auto body paint jobs. While that option can be expensive, it’s an investment that you’re going to want to take, since putting the logo on yourself can result in a much lower-quality result that might even hurt your business. Put some form of easy contact information – a business phone number, a QR code, an Instagram handle, etc. – over or under the logo so that passerby can contact you.

Add Extra Space

Depending on the kinds of repair that you offer, this option may or may not be of critical importance. But regardless, space is always a good thing to have more of! Customizing your truck and finding appropriate add-ons are the primary ways to add more space. Your trailer hitch is your most valuable friend, although any kind of trailer will of course be expensive – but it will also give you the most space out of any option. Smaller, cheaper choices will provide lots of space as well; adding a camper shell can double the square footage of your truck. Always make sure to carry the proper number of bungee cords, winches, and other such tools in order to secure the equipment that you’ll need to carry with you.

Customize Functionality

The services you offer will determine much of how you run your business. If you’re a plumber, you likely won’t need excessive, heavy equipment most of the time. That may not be the case if, for example, you do contractual landscaping work. As a matter of fact, your truck can even become an asset, if it has the right gear. A motorized winch that can be attached to the front of the truck is a great purchase that can be used for all sorts of heavy-lifting projects, like tearing a tree stump out of a yard. Make sure the truck engine is up to the job!

Some say that a truck is a man’s best friend. A more accurate saying would be that a truck is a small business owner’s best friend! With its heavy lifting capabilities, free advertising potential, abundant space, durability, and reliability, the options for you and your repair business are only limited by your imagination.

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