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How Your Business Can Act Responsibly During the Public Health Crisis

Following COVID-19 safety protocols and regulations can feel a little overwhelming for a business who already has much to worry about. However, it is of critical importance, not only for the health and safety of your employees but of your customers too. There are steps your business can take to perform your civic duty and act responsibly during this public crisis.

Enforce Safety Protocol

The most important way your business can act responsibly during this public health crisis is to enforce safety and health. This can be done by imposing social distancing. If you cannot move your business completely online or curbside, make sure that you customers are staying at least six feet apart from each other. You should find ways to be accommodating to all people to let them know of safe social distancing rules.

You may need to get creative. Set up stickers and banners throughout your business grounds to ensure that when people stand in lines, walk down aisles, or sit in seating areas, they maintain their distance.

Allow a Flexible Sick Leave Policy

It is not only important to keep customers safe—it is essential to protect your own employees during this time. They are putting themselves at risk leaving their home to work, so this is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If an employee is not feeling well, it is better to stay safe and have them stay, rather than risk them spreading an illness to others. In fact, public health requires you to be flexible with granting sick leave to employees.Be respectful of this policy and you will have both happy employees and happy customers.

Get Cleaning

The next best way to inhibit spread of COVID-19 (other than social distancing) is to regularly clean and sanitize common areas. While you should always practice cleanly behaviors, now is the time for extra precaution. Set up multiple areas with hand sanitizer or all-purpose cleaning wipes. Instruct employees to use them frequently. Having cleaning supplies laid out throughout your business will act as a constant reminder to stay clean. Provide your employees with disposable gloves and masks for extra precaution.

Furthermore, don’t forget that disinfecting without cleaning only solves half the problem. Not only should you be routinely disinfecting your area, but you should be cleaning it first with a detergent or soap.

There are many ways that you and your employees can protect each other and customers during these unprecedented times. It is your duty to maintain cleanliness and do everything in your power to prevent the spread of COVID within your business.

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