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“It’s TOO LATE Boys!”- Prince William & Harry FAILED The Queen And Should Have

Princes William and Harry have been feuding for a while now and seeing them unite and put their differences aside for the Queen’s funeral recently was a surprise for some.

But not everyone is in the mood to praise these gentlemen. The pair has been blasted on numerous occasions and there’s a television host that’s doing that now.

Source: AP

According to Ben Fordham who hails from Australia and leads a top program in the country, the duo was just too stubborn and hard-hearted this whole time when Her Majesty was alive.

She longed to see the family back together again but the pair continued to keep their noses high and avoid contacting each other, let alone the fact they hated being in one another presence.

Source: AP

The best example was the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. That is one time that the host feels could have been dealt with in a better manner. That was the time to put the differences aside and show the Queen that they did this for her because she was alive. But seeing them do it now, after her death, is just beyond painful, he continued.

Source: Daily Mail

This is not the first time that we’re seeing the pair being blasted for failing to repair the fractured relations between the two in front of their grandmother.

Meanwhile, Ben Fordham was seen speaking in detail with a warning about how the Royal Family feuds could definitely escalate to a new level, right after the death of Her Majesty. He also spoke about how the world shouldn’t be fooled by the images seen in the media because this is just a temporary fix.

Source: AP

There happens to be a major issue that’s still there and until and unless both sides don’t sit down and hash it out, it’s going to remain as a bitter part of their lives, he concluded.

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