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Join Emirates Business Rewards & Earn 10K Points ($300 Worth Of Airfare)

At the moment there’s an excellent promotion for joining Emirates Business Rewards. We saw a promotion like this last year, and it has been brought back once again this year. If you have a business, this is an easy way to get $300 worth of airfare on Emirates.

What is Emirates Business Rewards?

While many people are familiar with airline frequent flyer programs, fewer people are familiar with airline business rewards programs. Airline frequent flyer programs generally reward individuals (regardless of who is paying for tickets), while airline business rewards programs are intended to reward businesses that choose to book employees on that airline.

What’s so great about these programs is that:

  1. They typically allow you to double dip, meaning you can earn both airline miles and business rewards program points

  2. In many cases even small businesses qualify for these accounts, so you don’t need to be running a big corporation to take advantage of this

For example, the American Airlines Business Extra program is pretty awesome, and it’s something I participate in and have written about extensively.

Anyway, Emirates Business Rewards is Emirates’ version of a business rewards program:

  1. You can join no matter how many employees you have, as long as you have a registered company or organization

  2. There’s no cost to enroll

  3. You earn one Business Rewards point (separate from Skywards miles) for every dollar spent on Emirates airfare for you or any of your employees

  4. You can spend your Business Rewards points on flights and upgrades, though the award pricing is dynamic, and totally different than what you’d find through Emirates Skywards (Skywards has consistent award pricing that’s route-based)

Score rewards flights with Emirates Business Rewards

Emirates Business Rewards offering new members 10K points

To celebrate UN Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Day, Emirates is offering 10,000 bonus Business Rewards points when you join the program:

  1. To be eligible, register with the code EKBRUNSMEDAY22 (make sure you enter this code during the enrollment process)

  2. This is valid for sign-ups through July 10, 2022

  3. There’s not actually any travel required to qualify for the bonus

Emirates Business Rewards is offering 10K bonus points to new members

I took advantage of this promo when it was offered in 2021, and it took all of two minutes, especially since my details could be pre-populated with my Emirates Skywards account details. The one potentially tricky part is that you have to upload a copy of your trade license, so make of that requirement what you will. The points posted to my account just a couple of days after enrolling.

The value of Emirates Business Rewards points

How can you redeem Emirates Business Rewards points? Emirates Business Rewards points can be redeemed toward Emirates flights and upgrades using a dynamic pricing model.

You can search Emirates Business Rewards pricing directly through Emirates’ website — just make sure you don’t check the “my dates are flexible” option, because you’ll then get an error message.

So, how does the dynamic pricing work out? Let’s take a one-way Dubai to Muscat flight as an example. Here’s what revenue pricing would look like:

Meanwhile here’s what pricing looks like through the Emirates Business Rewards program:

When you subtract the fees you’d pay with your Emirates Business Rewards ticket, here’s the value you’re getting:

  1. For an economy class ticket, you’re redeeming 5,799 points for 710 AED (~$193) worth of airfare

  2. For a business class ticket, you’re redeeming 20,335 points for 2,490 AED (~$678) worth of airfare

  3. For a first class ticket, you’re redeeming 48,590 points for 5,950 AED (~$1,620) worth of airfare

It appears that Emirates Business Rewards points get you 3.0 cents (in USD) each toward the cost of Emirates airfare or an upgrade. In other words, 10,000 Emirates Business Rewards points would get you roughly $300 toward Emirates airfare, which is pretty awesome just for signing up for an account.

Note that you have to redeem Emirates Business Rewards points toward the entire cost of a ticket. In other words, you can’t book a $500 ticket and then get $300 off with Emirates Business Rewards points.

Bottom line

The Emirates Business Rewards program is offering 10,000 points to new businesses that join. There’s no flight activity required, so that’s quite a nice sign-up bonus, and the points seem to post within a couple of days.

Emirates Business Rewards has dynamic award pricing, and it would appear that each Emirates Business Rewards point gets you roughly 3.0 cents (in USD) toward the cost of an Emirates ticket. That’s potentially an awesome deal if you have any upcoming travel on Emirates.

(Tip of the hat to Frequent Flyer Bonuses)

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