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Journalist Sandra Mainsel launches book entitled: The Four Ages of Public Television of Angola

Journalist and university professor Sandra Mainsel launches this Thursday at 3 p.m., in the Hall of Public Television of Angola, her first certified work entitled: The Four Ages of Public Television of Angola, in a restricted ceremony and framed in the festivities of the 46th anniversary of the TPA.

The book with records of the history of TPA, portrays the four stages that the writer considered important, from the emergence of Popular Television of Angola, through the collection of information from professionals who were part of that time to the present day, marked by a new era of making television, which was the bet on the technological area, using the internet, an area that is dominated by the author.

"In this area I explained everything, because I have empirical knowledge, I had direct access to information and through scientific information, this is the result of a thorough work that will serve not only the professionals of the class, but also the students of Social Communication, said Sandra Mainsel.

The work has a thousand copies in a first phase.


Sandra Mainsel is the daughter of Fernando Mainsel and Luisa Mainsel. He grew up in the city of Huambo where he studied until high school in Biochemistry. He lost his father at the age of 14, so he had to help take care of his seven brothers working at his mother's bar.

At the age of 24 he moves to the capital Luanda.

She joined TPA one day, when Sandra Mainsel was selected when accompanying a friend to a test.

He began by presenting the continuity of Angolan Public Television programming, went through the TV program 7 days and was also a pivot of Notícias da Tarde and Jornal da Noite.

It was the face of the programs: TPA Actualidade, Quem Sabe Sabe and Angola Reconstruction of Development.

It also presents the Jornal Hoje program, but it was at Ecos e Factos that it was the one where he had the most airtime and for what it is recognized.

Sandra Mainsel exchanged Agronomy for Communication Sciences at Agostinho Neto University.

In 2012 he held a master's degree in Business Administration from Florida Christian University in the United States.

She is a university professor, writer and director of Multimedia of Public Television of Angola.

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