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JUST IN: Prince Harry ‘Feeds, Washes And Dresses’ Children As Meghan Markle Tends To Bus

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly have an impressive home dynamic, with Prince Harry looking after their children as Meghan takes business calls.

An insider has revealed that the Duke seems happy and content with looking after his wife and their children since stepping down as working royals and moving to Montecito, California.

Residing in a mansion complete with a private pool, spa, wine cellar and gym, Harry is “up at the crack of dawn” to make sure his two children are ready for the day.

Alexi Lubomirski/Duke and Duchess of Sussex

“Prince Harry’s up at the crack of dawn getting the kids fed, washed and dressed. Meghan’s often very busy on business Zoom calls, or nipping into LA for meetings, which Harry often chauffeurs her to,” the insider said.

“Then he’s back to the kids as soon as possible because he doesn’t like leaving them with nannies.

“With all this speculation around her political career ambitions, everyone thinks Harry would be happy at the idea of being First Gentleman if she accomplishes her long-term goal.”

Getty Images

The source also said that no one is sure how long the Duke of Sussex will be okay with their arrangement.

“Having said that, he might be fine with it right now – but you have to wonder for how much longer,” the source added.

The Sussexes settled into the star-studded neighborhood of Montecito, California, since quitting from their royal duties in 2020. Since making the move, Harry and Meghan welcomed their daughter Lilibet – who turned 1 on June 4.

Getty Images

This comes as the couple prepare for their first official engagement since returning to the US from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. They will go to New York where Harry will deliver a speech to the UN General Assembly.

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