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Liz Cheney’s Concession Speech Was a Mentally Ill Cry for Help – PJ Media

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Even Sebastian’s viral tap dancing video wasn’t capturing the attention of the International Charo Fan Club nominating committee.

For once, the polls were not just right, but really, really right. Liz Cheney’s political career met its inevitable ignominious end last night. The drubbing was spectacular, a most decisive end to the political tenure of the woman who just last year was the third-most powerful Republican in Congress.

The race was called for Harriet Hageman about 14 seconds after the polls closed. What followed were a few hours of every leftist media outlet in America making Cheney out to be the bravest American woman since Rosa Parks.

Lizzie herself thought she was more like Lincoln. Spencer covered her concession speech over at Townhall:

“But now the real work begins,” Cheney said, because apparently serving as the representative to Congress for all of Wyoming since 2017 wasn’t “real work” to her. And then her self-aggrandizement began.

In Cheney’s eyes, evidently, she and Abraham Lincoln have a lot in common because… they both lost elections.

“Abraham Lincoln was defeated in elections for the Senate and the House before he won the most important election of all,” Cheney explained. “Lincoln ultimately prevailed, he saved our union, and he defined our obligation as Americans for all of history.”

The big difference that Cheney doesn’t grasp in this comparison is that Lincoln didn’t need to save our union from himself.

The Lincoln stuff wasn’t enough, however. She then went on to let us know that this embarrassing loss of hers reminds her of — I kid you not — Ulysses Grant. More from Spencer:

Again invoking Civil War heroes, Cheney told the story of Union General Ulysses S. Grant turning his horse toward Richmond and the South rather than “turning back toward Washington and safety” in 1864 in another attempt to paint herself as a savior of the country. “Freedom must not, cannot, and will not die here,” she promised without any details about how she would ensure freedom’s continuation after losing on Tuesday.

At this point, I half expected our girl Liz to continue the Civil War theme by offering to torch Atlanta so she could liken herself to Sherman as well.

The fact that this woman is having praise lavished upon her by the “enemy of the people” media is appalling. It’s low even for those perpetual bottom-feeders. “People’s Pundit” Rich Baris put it well:

We have been entertaining the delusions of special interests and voting blocs for quite some time.

But I’m extremely uncomfortable with entertaining the delusions of politicians like @RepLizCheney.

In no other period in our history would this be met with anything but ridicule.

— Rich Baris “The People’s Pundit” (@Peoples_Pundit) August 17, 2022

In a saner time, Liz Cheney would be ostracized by both parties for this kind of lunacy. Instead, we’ve got people from every big mainstream news outlet in America saying that Cheney’s almost 40-point defeat means that she should run for president in 2024. You could present that scenario to a classroom full of fourth-graders and they’d laugh you out of the room. My latest VIP column examines why “Cheney “24” isn’t going to be a thing.

Goodbye and good riddance to Elizabeth Lynne Cheney, her daddy, and any other vestiges of Bush family influence that may be lurking in the GOP.

The MSM’s fawning over the obviously delusional Liz Cheney was a perfect example of why what we are doing here at PJ Media is important. We’re making progress, but there is still much work to be done. My colleagues and I are able to continue the crusade thanks to our VIP subscriber friends. Since we launched the program in late 2019, we’ve been able to cover stories free from the prying commie eyes of social and mainstream media censors. You can join the fun (we do have a lot of it in VIP Land) for a 40% discount now. Just click here and use the promo code SAVEAMERICA. We’ve got journalism, humor, and a three-hour live bit of weekly fun called “Five O’Clock Somewhere” hosted by yours truly and my old friend Stephen Green. Fight the mainstream media and have a blast doing it.— WIN/WIN!

Everything Isn’t Awful

— The Onion (@TheOnion) August 16, 2022

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