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Making the Most of Your West Coast Road Trip

The West Coast is beautiful and expansive, but you need to have a plan when it's time to road trip to this area. You want to make the most of the time you have in this gorgeous part of the country. Here are some tips to make that happen.

Pick a Theme

It's easy to get overwhelmed when thinking of everything that is on the West Coast. From the Pacific coast to the Redwood Forest to famous landmarks, there is so much this area has to offer. You need to pick a theme before heading out on your road trip so you will know what stops you want to make. Great themes for the West Coast include national forests, strange places or famous sights. Making a plan will narrow down what you want to see and help give you a clear route to take while on your trip.

Watch for Emergencies

It's good to have a plan or itinerary to guide your trip. However, you need to keep up with information as you travel to make sure the places you want to visit are safe. For example, wildfires in California have caused widespread evacuations. There have also been power outages. You want to make sure you aren't headed for an area that is dangerous or shut down due to problems. Oregon and Washington can receive extreme winter weather, so make sure you are ready before trying to drive through it. Check the weather and the news to keep up with anything that might derail your trip plans.

Know the Laws

Laws can vary greatly from state to state. You need to be aware of the laws in every state you are passing through so you don't do something illegal without being aware. There are many states where weed is legal on the West Coast. However, if you venture into Idaho, weed is illegal and will get you in a lot of trouble. Do your homework before you venture to the West Coast to keep your record clean. The same thing applies to driving while under the influence. It doesn't matter if you've been drinking or smoking, they're mostly treated the same in California, and can affect your record in your home state. A DUI in California will affect you when you go home.

The West Coast has so much to offer. Make sure to pick a focus and research everything you can before you leave for your trip.

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