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Miss New York tours North Country Learns about residents, lifestyle, and farm-to table

Miss New York tours North Country: Learns about residents, lifestyle, and farm-to-table ESSEX — Though her tiara was toted around in a protective case and not worn, and except for the sash proclaiming her title of Miss New York 2023, Amelia Collins embraced the opportunity to interact and learn about the residents, lifestyle, and farm-to-table practices in the North Country. During her visit to the North Country, Miss New York Amelia Collins had the chance to explore and discover the unique aspects of the region. With her tiara safely tucked away in a protective case, she eagerly engaged with locals and developed a deeper understanding of their way of life. Amelia Collins, crowned Miss New York in 2023, expressed her joy in experiencing the North Country's vibrant community firsthand. She was excited to immerse herself in the local culture and learn about the region's farm-to-table practices. The North Country's farm-to-table movement has gained significant momentum in recent years. It emphasizes the use of locally sourced ingredients and promotes sustainable farming practices. Amelia Collins expressed her admiration for the region's commitment to supporting local farmers and businesses. Amelia Collins' tour of the North Country included visits to various farms and agricultural establishments. She had the opportunity to learn about the process of producing organic products and witnessed firsthand the hard work and dedication of local farmers. One of the farms Amelia visited was Jones Farm, a family-owned business that has been operating for over a century. The farm specializes in the production of fresh fruits and vegetables using sustainable farming techniques. Amelia was impressed by the farm's commitment to environmental preservation and the high-quality produce it produces. During her visit to the North Country, Amelia Collins was also able to learn about the region's rich history and cultural heritage. She explored museums, historical sites, and engaged in conversations with local historians. Amelia appreciated the North Country's efforts to preserve its heritage and make it accessible to visitors. As Miss New York, Amelia Collins has a platform to advocate for various causes. During her visit to the North Country, she took the opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of supporting local farmers and businesses. She believes that by promoting the farm-to-table movement, communities can strengthen their local economies and foster sustainability. Amelia Collins also had the chance to interact with residents of the North Country and hear about their experiences and stories. She was deeply moved by the sense of community and camaraderie she encountered. Amelia noted that the residents' warmth and hospitality were truly remarkable and made her feel welcomed. The North Country's natural beauty was another highlight of Amelia Collins' visit. She had the opportunity to explore the region's scenic landscapes, including its mountains, lakes, and hiking trails. Amelia was captivated by the tranquility and serenity of the North Country's outdoor spaces and recognized the importance of preserving these natural treasures. Reflecting on her visit, Amelia Collins expressed her gratitude for the warm reception she received in the North Country. She was inspired by the region's commitment to sustainable practices and community engagement. Amelia hopes to use her title as Miss New York to continue promoting these values and making a positive impact on communities across the state. As her visit came to a close, Amelia Collins left the North Country with a deep appreciation for its residents, lifestyle, and farm-to-table practices. She recognized the region's unique qualities and expressed her desire to share her experiences with others. Amelia believes that by shining a spotlight on the North Country, she can help showcase its beauty and inspire others to support local communities. Miss New York Amelia Collins' tour of the North Country provided her with a wealth of knowledge and a newfound appreciation for the region. She left with unforgettable memories and a strong motivation to champion the causes she encountered during her visit. As she continues her journey as Miss New York 2023, Amelia Collins hopes to make a lasting impact and contribute to the growth and prosperity of communities like those in the North Country.

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