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More airlines cut flights to Israel after attacks

More airlines cut flights to Israel after attacks British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and El Al are the only airlines with direct flights from Israel to the UK. As tensions escalate in the Middle East after the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas, airlines are making changes to their flight schedules. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have both announced that they will be suspending flights to Israel, joining other international carriers in reducing their services to the country. The decision comes after a wave of rocket attacks from Gaza and Israeli airstrikes in response. Virgin Atlantic had already temporarily suspended its flights to Tel Aviv in mid-May during the 11-day conflict. However, the airline has now made the decision to extend the suspension until further notice, citing the ongoing unrest and the safety of their crew and customers. British Airways has also suspended flights to Tel Aviv until at least June 14th. The airline stated that "the safety and security of our colleagues and customers is always our top priority." They are continuing to monitor the situation closely and will update their flight schedule accordingly. El Al, the national airline of Israel, is currently the only carrier offering direct flights between Israel and the UK. However, they have also been forced to make changes to their schedule. El Al has announced that they will be reducing their flights to and from Israel in response to decreased demand. The recent conflict between Israel and Hamas has led to a significant decrease in tourism to Israel. Many travelers are choosing to postpone or cancel their trips due to safety concerns. In addition to British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, other international airlines have also cut back on their services to Israel. Lufthansa, the largest German airline, announced that they would be suspending flights to Tel Aviv until May 26th. Air France has also reduced its services to the country. The reduced flight schedules are a blow to Israel's tourism industry, which has already been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the conflict, Israel was slowly reopening its borders to international tourists, hoping to revive its tourism sector and economy. However, the recent escalation in violence has put these plans on hold. The Israeli tourism ministry has estimated that the conflict will cost the industry around $30 million. The ministry has already launched a campaign to encourage domestic tourism and is working on strategies to attract international visitors once the situation stabilizes. Despite the challenges, some airlines are still operating flights to Israel. Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, both based in the United States, have not announced any changes to their schedules. However, they continue to monitor the situation closely. Israel's national carrier, El Al, is also hoping to resume its direct flights to the US in the near future. The airline is currently negotiating with American authorities to finalize the necessary agreements for the resumption of the flights. Once approved, this will provide an additional option for travelers flying between Israel and the US. While the situation remains uncertain, travelers are advised to check with their airlines for the most up-to-date information on flight schedules and potential disruptions. Travelers should also stay informed about the current situation in Israel and follow the guidance of local authorities. The recent conflict in the Middle East has had a significant impact on the aviation industry, with airlines worldwide making adjustments to their flight schedules. As tensions continue to escalate, it is likely that more airlines will cut flights to Israel until the situation stabilizes.

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