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NCTzens Raise Concerns About The Unfair Pressure SM Entertainment Is Allegedly Placing On NCT 127&#8

NCT 127 are due to make a highly-anticipated comeback in September. Yet, the handling of the process is causing many NCTzens to raise concerns with the company, not only because it is posing unnecessary financial challenges to fans but also because it is allegedly placing unfair pressure on the members to turn things around for the company following a dip in operating profits.

So far, the members have all expressed great enthusiasm over their new comeback track. Leader Taeyong has claimed it is his favorite one yet and even Yuta added his praise, commenting, “If this one doesn’t work out, then it feels like nothing will work out regardless of what we do.”


While fans are happy to see the members excited for this comeback, many have also been concerned about the amount of pressure that they seem to be under. For one, SM Entertainment’s operating profits for the second quarter of 2022 were recently released, along with those of HYBE, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. The report showed that SM Entertainment suffered a loss in operating profit of 30% compared to the same quarter in 2021.

yuta sbs 2


NCTzens are worried that this dip in profit will mean extra pressure on NCT 127 to have a record-breaking comeback in September. But the real concern is that it will mean extra pressure without the benefit of reliable management and planning.

Isn’t it funny that SM will always expect the best results from 127 and have them make records that will benefit the company + get the most profit from them while giving them the worst rollout and weakest creative management INDJFIFMEKEIJF — Hye (@pilotsnorlax) August 16, 2022
sm wants/expects/demands 127 to break all these records but doesn’t give them the proper support/management/promotions to do so. they put SO much pressure on them to achieve on a world-scale but don’t treat them like world class artists. it’s so damn frustrating — 127 SM’s Pride & Joy #NCT127IsComing (@127Feed) August 17, 2022

SM Entertainment’s management of NCT 127 has been a growing issue for NCTzens, as it has led to a disorganized and unpredictable schedule for the group’s world tour that has left many fans in a tight spot when it comes to purchasing tickets.

never seen a kpop world tour as disorganized as 127’s and theyre managed by a big company wtf gsgshfff — ࣪ (@127CUNT) August 16, 2022

Now, it appears that the comeback might also be suffering from a lack of proper planning, as pre-orders for the album are already due to open on August 19 despite the fact that it has not yet been promoted in any way.

no teaser, no layout, no tl comeback and suddenly pre order albums for 127 will start in 19th August, SM are u kidding me??? — Aggasiie (@Yourdaiisy) August 16, 2022
sm will be like give them a million preorder in ten minutes to unlock comeback date, album details and layout change 🫶 — ُ (@1to7x) August 16, 2022
kinda insane how nct127’s career being freestyled, like u get the pre-order date with no details about the comeback, no content.. nothing. — nour (@jcctzen) August 16, 2022

Not only that, but NCTzens also had to find out about the pre-order date from NCT NEWS. While this seems appropriate on the surface, NCTzens have pointed out that the company should not be relying on NCT‘s variety content channel to deliver important information.

now way sm thinks nct news is a real news source like do u know how crazy i sound saying i’m getting 127 album updates from sungchan from youtube studio? he doesn’t even have a real job?? — ?? (@aeragons) August 16, 2022

Additionally, they are calling out the company for not taking into account that there are already multiple NCT 127 events happening in the coming months, including a concert in Manila and their participation in SMTOWN LIVE. According to fans, scheduling the album pre-order on August 19 fails to account for all the other things they are expected to pay for.

sm sucks with timing so much esp when it comes to nct 127 like wdym their new album preorder starts on aug. 19 when there’s smtown suwon on 20th and the ticket selling for the link manila is on 21st and smtown tokyo from 27-29 like do they think nctzens throw up money — eri

August 16, 2022

And of course, it also fails to account for the fact that NCT 127 themselves are being placed under extremely high pressure, given that all these events are expected to boost the company’s profit.

sm’s genuine plans and direction for nct127’s career now: thoughts, prayers and maybe some vibes if they’re feeling generous — ?? (@aeragons) August 16, 2022

Read further about the issue regarding SM Entertainment’s current management of NCT 127 right here.

SM Entertainment Under Fire As NCTzens Call Out Allegedly Poor Management Of NCT 127 And Their World Tour


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