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Nearly $30,000 awarded to Cass County community projects

The Cass County Community Foundation recently announced the recipients of its Fall 2023 Grant Cycle. A total of $29,940 was awarded to several nonprofit organizations and community projects in Cass County. These funds will go towards supporting various initiatives and programs aimed at benefiting the local community. The Cass County Community Foundation plays a vital role in supporting and strengthening the community by providing financial assistance to nonprofit organizations and community projects. Through its grant cycles, the foundation aims to address the diverse needs of Cass County and promote positive change. One of the recipients of the grants is the Cass County Historical Society, which received $5,000. This funding will be utilized for the restoration and preservation of historical artifacts and documents. The Cass County Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the rich history of the area and making it accessible to the public. The grant will help in the ongoing efforts to maintain and safeguard important historical records and artifacts for future generations. Another recipient, the Cass County Humane Society, was awarded $4,000. This funding will assist in the organization's mission to provide shelter, care, and resources for homeless animals in the community. The Cass County Humane Society is committed to promoting responsible pet ownership and finding loving homes for animals in need. The grant will support their efforts in providing necessary medical care, food, and shelter for the animals under their care. The Atlantic Parks and Recreation Department received a grant of $3,500. This funding will be used to enhance and improve the local parks and recreational facilities in the community. The Atlantic Parks and Recreation Department plays a crucial role in providing residents with recreational opportunities and maintaining public spaces for outdoor activities. The grant will aid in making necessary improvements, such as upgrading equipment, adding new amenities, and maintaining existing facilities. The Cass County Food Shelf, an organization dedicated to combating hunger in the community, was awarded $3,000. This funding will enable them to continue their important work in providing food assistance to individuals and families in need. The Cass County Food Shelf operates a food pantry and collaborates with local partners to distribute meals and groceries to those facing food insecurity. The grant will contribute to their efforts in ensuring that no one in the community goes hungry. In addition to these grants, several other organizations and projects received funding from the Cass County Community Foundation. The Cass County Conservation Board was awarded $2,500 to support environmental education programs and conservation efforts. This funding will help educate the community on the importance of nature conservation and promote sustainable practices. The First United Methodist Church was granted $2,000 to expand their community outreach programs. This funding will enable the church to provide additional support services to those in need, such as counseling, financial education, and assistance with basic needs. Furthermore, the Anita Public Library received $1,800 to enhance their resources and services. The grant will enable the library to add new books, technology, and educational materials for the community to access and benefit from. The Cass County Community Foundation's Fall 2023 Grant Cycle has made a significant impact on the local community. By supporting these nonprofit organizations and community projects, the foundation is fostering positive change and improving the quality of life for Cass County residents. The grant recipients are grateful for the support they have received and are committed to utilizing the funds to make a lasting difference in the community. The Cass County Community Foundation continues to be an essential resource in driving positive change and addressing the needs of the community. Through their grant cycles and partnerships with local organizations, the foundation plays a crucial role in fostering a stronger, more vibrant Cass County. The funds awarded during the Fall 2023 Grant Cycle will empower these organizations to carry out their missions and continue making a positive impact on the lives of those they serve. The Cass County Community Foundation will continue to support community projects and nonprofit organizations in their future grant cycles. By providing these much-needed funds, the foundation is helping to build a brighter future for Cass County and its residents.

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