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New documentary film Girls State explores what would happen if teenage girls ran the US government

New documentary film Girls State explores what would happen if teenage girls ran the US government Girls State is a new documentary film that delves into the intriguing question of what would happen if teenage girls were in control of the US government. It is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2020 documentary Boys State and offers a deep insight into the current hyper-polarized moment in US politics. In the United States, the American Legion's Girls State program is a unique opportunity that provides high school juniors with the chance to experience firsthand how the government works. The girls are divided into two political parties, the Nationalists and the Federalists, and are tasked with building their own representative democracy. The documentary follows the journey of a thousand Texas teenage girls who attend the Girls State program in Austin. The filmmakers, Amanda McBaine and Jesse Moss, employ a fly-on-the-wall approach to capture the girls' experiences as they engage in intense political campaigns, debate critical issues, and vie for key leadership positions. Throughout the film, viewers witness the tough political battles and surprising alliances that form among the girls. The political landscape is no different from what we see in the adult world, as they encounter smear campaigns, strategic maneuvering, and the quest for power. The intensity and competitiveness of the program mirror the larger political climate in the United States. Girls State provides a unique lens to examine the complexities of US politics. Through the eyes of these young women, the film explores the challenges and obstacles they face as they

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