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New Hampshire primary: Attacks fly as Donald Trump grows lead

In the race for the White House, the New Hampshire primary is gearing up to be a battleground filled with attacks and political mudslinging. As Donald Trump continues to grow his lead in the polls, his rivals are scrambling to find a way to knock him down. Trump, known for his brash and controversial statements, has become the front-runner for the Republican nomination. His straight-talking approach and outsider status have resonated with many voters who are frustrated with the current political establishment. But as his numbers rise, so do the attacks from his fellow candidates. One of those candidates is Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina. Haley, who has been careful to avoid attacking Trump in the past, has decided to go on the offensive ahead of the New Hampshire primary. In a recent speech, she accused Trump of being part of the problem in Washington. "Haley has avoided attacking Trump in the past, but she has gone on the offensive ahead of the primary." "The American people are looking for a leader who will fight for them, not someone who will use the system to further their own personal gain," Haley said. "Donald Trump is part of the political establishment that has let the American people down." Haley's comments are seen as a direct challenge to Trump's outsider image and his claim that he is the only candidate who can fix what is broken in Washington. She is not the only one taking aim at the front-runner, however. Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, has also been highly critical of Trump in recent weeks. Bush, who was once considered the front-runner himself, has struggled to gain traction in the polls. As a result, he has taken a more aggressive approach towards Trump, labeling him a "bully" and criticizing his lack of experience in government. "Never in the history of politics has a person been so mistreated or lied about," Trump said in response to the attacks. "But we are doing well, and I have tremendous love for the people of New Hampshire." While the attacks from his rivals may be escalating, Trump remains confident in his chances of winning the nomination. He maintains a strong lead in the polls and has a dedicated base of supporters who are highly enthusiastic about his campaign. "The attacks from my rivals are only making me stronger," Trump said. "I'm not a politician, I'm a businessman who knows how to get things done. And that's what the American people want." One of the keys to Trump's success has been his ability to connect with voters who feel left behind by the political establishment. His blunt and often controversial style has struck a chord with many Americans who are frustrated with the gridlock and dysfunction in Washington. But for all his appeal, Trump still faces an uphill battle in winning over the majority of Republican voters. Many in the party believe that his divisive rhetoric and lack of experience make him an unfit candidate for the presidency. They are looking for a more traditional and experienced candidate who can unite the party and go head-to-head with the Democratic nominee. As the New Hampshire primary draws closer, the attacks on Trump are likely to only intensify. The other candidates see him as the biggest threat to their chances of winning the nomination and will stop at nothing to knock him down a peg. But as history has shown, Trump has a unique ability to turn attacks into fuel for his campaign. Whether it's through his quick wit or his uncanny ability to tap into the frustrations of the American people, he has consistently been able to come out on top. As voters head to the polls in New Hampshire, they will have to decide whether they want a traditional politician or an outsider who promises to shake up the status quo. The outcome of the primary will play a significant role in shaping the rest of the race for the White House. And with Trump's lead growing, the stakes have never been higher.

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