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Nigeria, twins and a love-hate relationship

Nigeria has a long and complex relationship with twins, marked by both love and hate. This duality arises from the contrasting views of two communities, where twins are seen as either a blessing or a curse. For these communities, twins hold immense significance and can determine the fate of individuals and even entire villages. In one community, twins are regarded as a divine blessing. They are celebrated, cherished, and viewed as a special gift from the gods. Parents who give birth to twins are considered fortunate, and the arrival of these two souls is met with joy and excitement. Twins are seen as a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and good luck, and the belief in their supernatural powers is deeply ingrained within the community. Amongst the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria, for example, twins are known as "iboji," and they hold a revered position. They are believed to possess magical qualities and are consulted for guidance and protection. The Yoruba people go as far as using special names for twins, such as Taiwo and Kehinde, which means "taste the world" and "one who comes after," respectively. These names reflect the spiritual significance attributed to twins and the unique role they play within the family and society. Conversely, there is another community in Nigeria where twins are viewed with fear and suspicion. This perception is rooted in ancient superstitions and beliefs that consider twins to be an omen of misfortune and doom. To these communities, twins are seen

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