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‘Nonsense’: Joost’s brother rubbishes Amor Vittone’s money trouble claims

It’s been years of a bitter back-and-forth between Amor Vittone and the family of her late husband Joost van der Westhuizen, who died in 2017. And by the looks of things, it won’t be ending anytime soon.

The actress and singer shared a tearful video last month reflecting on going through a difficult period in her life.  During the clip, Amor admitted to having financial woes and being deadlocked in a will dispute with Joost’s estate.

At the time of his death, Amor Vittone and Joost had been married for 15 years – in community of property – and shared two children together. However, Amor walked away from the union with just a television set, according to a 2015 will upheld by the court.

Now Pieter, the brother of the late Springbok player, has slammed Amor’s claims, calling it “nonsense”.


In an Instagram post last month, Amor Vittone shared her experience of being hacked on Facebook and how it had affected her mentally, emotionally, and financially.

The 7de Laan actress and fashion designer also revealed that her court case appealing the contents of Joost’s will is still ongoing.

She said: “Most people think that it’s resolved, it’s not. It’s not even started from the other side. It’s far from over. We’re not getting any communication at all”.

In the months following his death, the contents of Joost’s will was made public. According to his family lawyer Ulrich Roux, the popular icon reportedly updated his will in 2015, appointing his brother Pieter as his executor.

In the new will, he left his entire estate to his two children with Amor: son Jordan and daughter Kylie via his trust. To his wife of 15 years, he left a mere television set.

However, Amor Vittone maintains a 2009 joint will in which she was Joost’s only heir was his only valid will.  According to IOL, Amor petitioned the Supreme Court for leave to appeal the court’s ruling on the will. In a 2018 social media statement, Amore Vittone revealed that she would “appeal to death”

In her Instagram video post, Amor also revealed that she relied on her parents for their financial support. She added: “My mom and dad are the people that I can run to say ‘help’.

“They are the people that funded Jordan so he can go overseas so that he can commit to soccer. I didn’t have the money, but my parents sold their home and moved into a smaller place so they can do it. Without them, I wouldn’t be here”.


Speaking to You magazine, Joost’s brother Pieter van der Westhuizen hit back at claims made by Amor Vittone

He said: “I didn’t really consider the video an issue but I found it annoying that she got so whiny and tearful. She makes it seem like we aren’t doing any­thing to resolve the matter and that’s not true at all”.

Pieter also suggested that Amor was not forthcoming about her financial status. He also suggested the entertainer was using her followers to sway opinion.

He added: “Amor lives in a house [in Dainfern, Gauteng] worth R8 million and she’s had two interested buyers this year alone. As far as I’m aware, her parents sold their house to move closer to her and the children. The rest is nonsense”. He continued: “I’m at my wit’s end…Joost begged me to take care of the children’s best interests and I’m doing all this for his sake. “She continuously drags me into the media and I don’t want to be in the ­media. All I want to do is honour my promise to my brother.”

Pieter claimed that Joost’s estate pays Amor Vittone R20 000 per month for the expenses of Jordan and Kylie. He added that this was “more than I should pay”.


Responding to Pieter’s claims, Amor Vittone hit back that the amount was sufficient to cover their children’s expenses.

She told the publication: “Kylie gets a certain amount, but it doesn’t even cover her textbooks for the year. The money Jordan gets doesn’t even cover his school fees.” She added: “Yes, I bring in money during the month, but what about when it comes to insurance, school, food, pocket money for hanging out with friends, clothes, the petrol I use driving up and down, the medical aid … I don’t believe Joost would’ve wanted it this way.”
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