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NY Governor Says She Doesn’t Need Facts to Strip Away Gun Rights, Demands to See Your Social M

After the Supreme Court ruled that New York can’t infringe on citizens’ second amendment rights anymore, Gov. Kathy Hochul responded, “The hell we can’t!” She called a special session to pass a bunch more anti-gun laws for the Supreme Court to overturn. The thing she can’t calm down about the most is law-abiding citizens no longer needing to “prove” they need a concealed carry permit for self-defense. And she straight-up admits she doesn’t need facts.

Anne: Do you have numbers to show that it’s the concealed carry permit holders that are committing crimes? Hochul: I don’t need to have numbers. I don’t need to have a data point to say this. I know that I have a responsibility for this state to have sensible gun safety laws. — Anne McCloy (@AnneMcCloyNews) June 29, 2022

The numbers are 15 and .7. Over the last fifteen years, only 0.7% of concealed carry permit holders were responsible for any gun-related homicides.

Rep. Lee Zeldin, Kathy Hochul’s opponent in November, found it curious how she picks and chooses what she needs to see numbers for. “When it comes to repealing cashless bail, Hochul needs more data even though it’s right in front of her face. When it comes to restricting gun rights of law-abiding NYers, she does not want any data.” Rep. Zeldin says Kathy Hochul is a walking identity crisis and in over her head.

One of the insane new gun laws says, in order to apply for a concealed carry license, you need to turn over your social media accounts to “officials” so that the “officials” can assess your essential character. No, seriously. “As part of that assessment of good character, the bill says, the applicant has to turn over a list of any social media accounts they have had in the past three years ‘to confirm the information regarding the applicant’s character and conduct.’”

I’m just spitballing, but I’m guessing anyone who supports gun rights, agrees with the Roe v. Wade overturn, and thinks Kathy Hochul is a moron will not have the "essential character” required to obtain a concealed carry license in New York.

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