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On GPS: A new approach for Ukraine

On GPS: A new approach for Ukraine Ukraine is currently facing a security crisis, with tensions rising between Russia and the Western alliance. The ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine, along with Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014, has left Ukraine vulnerable and in need of a new approach to defend itself. In a recent episode of CNN's "GPS," host Fareed Zakaria discussed a new defense strategy for Ukraine. He spoke with Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, the former commanding general of the United States Army in Europe, and Ambassador Volker Chaly, the former Ukrainian ambassador to the United States, to get their insights on the matter. Zakaria began the conversation by asking Hodges about the current situation in Ukraine and the potential risks it faces. Hodges emphasized the importance of recognizing that Ukraine is not just fighting a war with Russia, but it is also at the forefront of a wider clash between Russia and the West. Hodges suggested that Ukraine needs to adopt a new strategy that focuses on integrated deterrence. He explained that this strategy would involve combining conventional forces, such as tanks and artillery, with unconventional capabilities, such as cyber warfare and disinformation campaigns. By blending these different elements, Ukraine could create a more robust defense system that is capable of deterring Russia's aggression. Zakaria also spoke with Ambassador Chaly about the importance of international support for Ukraine's defense. Chaly stressed that Ukraine cannot defend itself against Russia alone and needs assistance from its Western allies. He highlighted the importance of providing Ukraine with defensive weapons, intelligence sharing, and training to help bolster its capabilities. Both Hodges and Chaly acknowledged that there are concerns about escalating the conflict and provoking further aggression from Russia. However, they argued that a stronger defense strategy for Ukraine could actually help to stabilize the situation. By making it clear that Ukraine has the ability to defend itself, it could deter further Russian aggression and encourage a diplomatic resolution to the conflict. Zakaria also discussed the potential role of NATO in Ukraine's defense. Hodges argued that NATO should provide Ukraine with a clear membership path. While there are concerns about the backlash this could provoke from Russia, Hodges believes that a stronger Ukraine is ultimately in the interest of NATO and the West. In addition to these diplomatic and military solutions, Zakaria highlighted the importance of economic support for Ukraine. He noted that Ukraine is currently facing deep economic and social challenges, and these issues need to be addressed in order to help stabilize the country. Zakaria concluded the episode by reiterating the need for a new approach to Ukraine's defense. He emphasized that Ukraine should not be left to fend for itself against Russian aggression, and that the West should provide the necessary support to help Ukraine defend itself. The discussions on "GPS" highlighted the urgent need for Ukraine to adopt a new defense strategy. By combining conventional and unconventional capabilities, seeking international support, and addressing economic challenges, Ukraine can strengthen its defenses and deter further aggression from Russia. The situation in Ukraine is a top priority for the global community, and it is essential that the West takes action to support and protect Ukraine. By providing Ukraine with the necessary resources and assistance, the international community can help stabilize the region and work towards a peaceful resolution to the conflict. It is time for a new approach to Ukraine's defense, and the discussions on "GPS" shed light on the potential avenues for achieving this goal.

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