On That Note: What You Can Do to Land Lead Singing Roles

Today’s world provides more opportunities than ever for artists to launch their careers. Technology connects people like never before. Emerging musicians can promote themselves and their music on their own. Waiting to be discovered is a thing of the past. If you love singing and feel that you have the talent and skill to become a professional at it, you should master your craft.

Gain Experience

Although there are many platforms and outlets to use to share your gift, what matters is you actually putting yourself out there. Be it Youtube, live auditions, performances, or more you should always be looking for more chances to practice your craft. You still need to present yourself in the best way possible for a potential big break. This means that you should cultivate your talent. To start you could take lessons and join an ensemble. This will get you used to professional aspects and performing in front of others. When going to auditions, it’s not a bad idea to bring pictures of yourself, as a professional portrait can boost your career.

Practice Makes Perfect

Decide what skills and techniques you need to learn. You should have a long term goal that can realistically be divided into measurable steps. As you progress, you can adjust those steps. Practice and then practice some more. It is a very good idea to take singing lessons. Even the best singers have voice coaches.

Network Yourself

As stated earlier, we live in a technology-driven world. It is so much easier now to put yourself and your craft in front of people. You want to make sure that as you are networking, you are doing so in such a way that it is most beneficial. Look for opportunities to sing and showcase your talent every chance you get. While doing so, make sure that the events and engagements that you choose to participate in, match what you intend to represent.

Brand Yourself

Branding is super important. As an aspiring singer, you are a business. You are a brand. What is your niche? Essentially your brand should reflect what you love in such a detailed way that it becomes a vibe more than it can be put into words. Think of a singer or songwriter who you admire. That person and their work bring a unique feeling. Consider a well put together web page or social media account dedicated to your singing career.

Prepare for Auditions

When you land the audition you’ve been waiting for, you want to be sure you have mastered the art of preparation. The need to be prepared seems too obvious to mention but be sure that you are fully aware of what is expected of you. Show up early and ready to sing right away. Know the theme. There is never an excuse for not familiarizing yourself with the show you audition for. However, singing something from that show is a huge no-no unless you are asked specifically to do so. Do select a song that is similar in range and style. Give yourself more than enough time to learn your audition material. Practice the piece you plan to perform with a pianist. Recorded versions of songs can be different from your sheet music. Never choose a song that a pianist might have difficulty playing and never sing a cappella. Dress the part, know your lyrics, and know your music. Leave the cheat sheets at home, and do not look over the pianist’s shoulder. First impressions matter, and if you want to make the best one possible, check out our fashion guide!

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