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OWNED: Pete Buttigieg humiliates Fox News host on his own show

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg destroyed Fox News Sunday host Mike Emanuel in an interview earlier today. After talking to Secretary Buttigieg about pilot shortages and flight cancellations at airports around the country, Emanuel made an attempt to steer the conversation in a more “controversial direction.”

Emanuel brought up a tweet posted by Buttigieg’s husband that mocked Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s meltdown over having to leave a restaurant due to a large group of protesters waiting outside for him. He asked Buttigieg, “Is that appropriate, sir?”

Sounds like he just wanted some privacy to make his own dining decisions. — Chasten Buttigieg (@Chasten) July 8, 2022

As usual, the always-ready former Mayor delivered the perfect response:

“Look, when public officials go into public life, we should expect two things. One, that you should always be free from violence, harassment, and intimidation. And two, you’re never going to be free from criticism or peaceful protest, people exercising their First Amendment rights.”

In less than a minute, the former South Bend, Indiana Mayor managed to call out Kavanaugh’s fragility, shut down Emanuel’s attempts to gaslight, stand up for his spouse, and reiterate his commitment to the American people’s constitutional rights.

Pete Buttigieg just gave a masterclass on owning the conversation on Fox News. — (@MeidasTouch) July 10, 2022

Buttigieg also pointed out to the unprepared Fox host that Kavanaugh had no encounters with the protesters. They remained outside the building while the Supreme Court justice was safely inside a Morton’s steakhouse. It appears Kavanaugh’s biggest complaint was that he didn’t get to “finish dessert ” and was forced to leave through a rear entrance to avoid seeing the protestors.

There were no violins playing for the beer-loving Justice on Twitter, that’s for sure.

Dear @Mortons there is no constitutional right to eating your meal in peace. There’s no biblical reference either. As Justice Kavanaugh is a proud constitutional originalist, I’m sure he understands the incident at your place may be considered bad manners, it’s very ProAmerican — Woke Wokity McWokeface (@CelticBev) July 8, 2022
“I was a Georgia Democrat. Then I heard Justice Kavanaugh didn’t get to eat pie after his steak.” — Anthony Michael Kreis (@AnthonyMKreis) July 8, 2022
I feel terribly for Justice Kavanaugh. He tried to make a choice, namely where his body should be and what should be inside of it. Then a small group of people unrelated to him showed up and made it impossible for him to make that choice. …hey wait a minute! — Jay Black (@jayblackisfunny) July 8, 2022

Secretary Buttigieg has made a second career out of owning Fox News hosts. Rarely does he make an appearance where he doesn’t come across as clear, concise, and up to the task of shutting down right-wing talking points and narratives.

Mayor Pete’s also no stranger to protests himself, as he mentioned to Emanuel. In 2019, a group of about 10 protesters showed up at a high-end Manhattan fundraiser, according to the New York Times, where they called out Buttigieg as “Wall Street Pete.”

But unlike Kavanaugh, the then-Presidential candidate took it in stride. As the calls for Kavanaugh’s impeachment grow in the wake of the horrendous Dobbs v. Jackson decision, perhaps the beer-loving justice should be less concerned about dessert, and more about the American people finally finding out who paid his bills.

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