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Staines: Three children missing after day out at Thorpe Park

Staines: Three children missing after day out at Thorpe Park Three children, Khandi (14), Amelia (9), and Malik (7), have been reported missing after a day spent at the popular theme park, Thorpe Park, located in Chertsey. The incident has left their parents, and the local community, gripped with worry and concern. It is believed that the children were last seen at the theme park on [add date here], and it is unclear as to how they disappeared or where they may have gone. Authorities are investigating the matter and have been actively searching for any leads that may help locate the missing children. Thorpe Park, known for its thrilling rides and attractions, is a popular destination for families and thrill-seekers alike. Situated on an island in the River Thames, it offers a wide range of experiences, from roller coasters to water rides, making it an exciting place for a day out. The disappearance of these three children has raised serious concerns within the community. The parents, naturally distraught, have been appealing for any information that may aid in finding their missing children. Local residents have also been urged to come forward with any details that may assist the investigation. The local authorities have been working tirelessly to locate the missing children. Efforts have included conducting extensive searches within the theme park premises as well as its surrounding areas. They have also been examining CCTV footage and gathering information from witnesses who may have seen something unusual or suspicious on the

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