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The answer to the crisis is the Green New Deal

This year World Environment Day is dedicated to biodiversity. In this sense, our country is one of the richest nations in the world and among the very first in Europe, with over 60,000 species of animal species and subspecies and more than 12,000 entities of flora, thanks also to the great variety of habitats, from the sea to mountains, which Italy offers.

During the COVID crisis we saw nature reclaim its spaces and for the first time in decades the seas, rivers, skies, and lakes were clear as they had perhaps not been for decades. But COVID has also forced us to deal with all our fragility.

Now is the time for ambition. The answer to the crisis is the Green New Deal: not the return to the first but to a new eco-friendly, 'green' normality.

As the Ministry of the Environment and as the Government, we wanted to give a strong signal in the DEF, the financial planning document, which for the first time in the history of the Italian Republic has placed the environment at the center of the country's recovery action.

But the recovery also passes through the protection and care of the territory: pollution and reclamation of the Sin (polluted sites of national interest). In two years, more than 1,500 service conferences have been held across the country, but without reclamation. This I can no longer allow. It is time to give citizens clear answers and at certain times. On Environment Day, I can say that we will simplify the bureaucracy of the reclamation system but without going one step back on the environmental protection front ".

This was stated by the Minister of the Environment Sergio Costa on the occasion of the World Environment Day.

Here is Time For Nature, the official video of the International Environment Day:

Read more about this here: https://www.beppegrillo.it/la-risposta-alla-crisi-e-il-green-new-deal/

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