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The EU is expected to hit Chinese electric cars with tariffs

The EU is expected to hit Chinese electric cars with tariffs Brussels is widely expected to introduce tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles coming to Europe. The European Union (EU) is set to impose tariffs on Chinese electric cars in an effort to protect its domestic auto industry. This move comes as the EU aims to reduce its dependency on China for electric vehicle (EV) imports and boost its own battery manufacturing capabilities. The decision to impose tariffs on Chinese EVs follows an investigation by the European Commission into whether Chinese automakers are receiving unfair subsidies. The investigation found that Chinese electric cars are benefiting from significant state support, giving them an unfair advantage over European manufacturers. The proposed tariffs would increase the cost of Chinese electric cars in the European market, making them less competitive against European-made EVs. This is expected to safeguard jobs in the European auto industry and support the growth of domestic electric vehicle production. Currently, European automakers are heavily reliant on batteries imported from China for their electric vehicles. By imposing tariffs on Chinese EVs, the EU aims to stimulate the growth of its own battery manufacturing industry, reducing its dependence on China and boosting its competitiveness in the global electric vehicle market. The EU's move to impose tariffs on Chinese electric cars is seen as a response to China's dominance in the global EV market. China is the world's largest producer and consumer of electric vehicles, accounting for more than half of global EV sales. By imposing tariffs, the EU aims to level the playing field and protect its own electric vehicle

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