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Three Hidden Hotel Hazards to Avoid While Traveling

Staying in a hotel is usually unavoidable when you travel. While it can be a fun experience, it can also be a dangerous one. It is important to know how to stay in a hotel safely. There are certain precautions you can and should take if you want to avoid stress while you travel. Here are a few hazards you should try an avoid while traveling that you might not have considered.


Staying in a hotel requires you to remain vigilant. According to Smarter Travel, avoiding the possibility of crime will help make your travel experience a positive one. You can do this by paying attention to how you live while you are in the hotel. One important tip is to always keep the "Do Not Disturb" sign on your door. Leaving it there at all times means no one else will know when you are in there or when you are not. This cuts down on the likelihood of another guest trying to break in or staff trying to enter. You can also leave the lights or even the TV on while you are out, making it sound as if the room is occupied even when it is empty. Even when you are in your room, you need to be vigilant. If the phone in your hotel room rings, answer it, but avoid using your name when you do. This will keep you safe at all times.

Hot Tubs

When there is a hot tub in your hotel room, you may be tempted to use it. However, it is best to resist that temptation. The reason for this is because dirty hot tubs are a common cause of illness. Most people who stay in hotels do not realize this. The truth is that hot tubs collect bacteria. According to Rocky Mountain Hot Tub Company, when not properly maintained, hot tubs can be even more unhealthy than public swimming pools. The dirt, bacteria, fluids, products and dead skin everyone tracks into the hot tub can lead to rashes or a hot tub infection that can compromise your health. Since chlorine is heavily used to maintain hot tubs, the high levels of it in the water can lead to irritation of the skin. Many people have caught folliculitis from dirty hot tubs. This rash comes from the bacteria in the water getting into your skin. If the hot tub in your room looks green or murky, it is best to avoid using it. Even if the hot tub is clean and you choose to use it, the recommended time for staying in is no more than 15 minutes.


To keep your valuable belongings secure, Robert Reeves Law suggests using the safe in your room. Most hotels offer this safety feature, and you should take advantage of it if they do. It is best to put your keys, wallet and electronic devices that are small enough into the safe. If you do not have a safe in your room, you have a couple of other options. First of all, you could ask the hotel staff if they have any safes by the front desk where you can put your valuables. If there is no safe, you can lock your belongings in a lockable suitcase. If you have a laptop that you are worried about being stolen, you can use a laptop cable lock to lock it to something that nobody can move.

While it is sometimes necessary to stay in a hotel, you should never put yourself in an unsafe situation. It pays to research any hotel before booking it. Look for information about the safety measures a hotel has in place before reserving a room to make sure that you can have the safest vacation possible.

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