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Tips for Having a Safe Night Out With Friends While on Vacation

Vacations with friends are meant to be a stress-free time of letting loose and having fun! However, your safety is an even bigger concern during vacation than it is at home. Not knowing your surroundings very well can make you vulnerable, as can all the vacation partying, so practice these tips to help you and your friends stay safe during your nights out!

Know the Area

Take some time to study out and understand the area you are vacationing in. Know what is around your lodging, major landmarks, points you can recognize, and major roads. Evenings on vacation aren’t the best time for spontaneity—Solo Traveler World recommends making solid plans of where you want to be, at what time, and for how long. Plan out your route to that location and make sure that you and your friends are able to identify that route. Knowing the area that you are in will help you travel more directly and therefore more safely.

Assign a Designated Driver

Whether you hit a bar, a club, a show or a late dinner, a few drinks will likely be part of your fun night! Returning back from your night out, then, becomes an important concern; driving under the influence is never justifiable. Take turns, draw sticks, ask for volunteers, or use a cab or uber, but determine someone who will reliably get you home at the end of the night while sober. This is important for the public’s safety, the safety of the passengers, and of course the safety of the driver! If you are arrested in suspicion of a DUI, you can expect to have your license suspended according to Rogers Beltran. Stay legal, stay responsible, and stay safe on the roads.

Be Aware

Take precautions that will protect you against the harmful intentions of others, such as never leaving your drink unattended, and having a SipChip on hand, which is a personal safety device Optimistic Mommy recommends. Keep your belongings on you always, be aware of where your friends are, and stick with them at all times! In addition, you can present yourself as less of a target if you carry less items and refrain from wearing expensive jewelry, watches, purses, etc. You might also consider carrying some sort of protective safety device like pepper spray, if possible, for further protection.

Vacation is supposed to be about relaxing and enjoying yourself. Leave anxiety over potential dangers behind you! You can make your trip fun and safe by taking measures like these to prevent potentially harmful situations, and enjoy every night out without worry.

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