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Tips for Keeping Your Look Fresh When You Have an Event to Get To

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Put your best foot forward at any event or party by looking your best. Even if you have to travel to get there, you can stay at the top of your game by making wise decisions when you are getting ready. Here are three tips to help you look fresh when you arrive at your event.

Watch Your Outfit

When it comes to looking as fresh as possible, you need to be careful about the outfit that you choose to wear. You do not want to choose an outfit that will wrinkle easily if you will be traveling to the big event. Most thin materials, such as cotton, silk and linen, will wrinkle easily. Instead, you should choose hardier fabrics, such as spandex and nylon. Wool and cashmere are also good choices if you want to select a material that will still look good when you arrive at the event.

Change Elsewhere

If you are worried about how your look will withstand the process of travel, you can choose to change when you arrive at the event. If you're wearing high heels with your event outfit, pack them and wear a pair of flats while you drive. The heel of a high-heeled shoe can get stuck under the pedals and cause an accident. There is some debate about the safety of driving barefoot because a shoeless foot can slip off the brake or accelerator easily. For this reason, wear flats on the drive, and, if needed, bring a different pair of shoes to change into when you arrive at your destination.

Choose Hair and Makeup Wisely

In order to ensure the freshest look possible, it is important that you choose hair and makeup styles that will not wear off easily. You can also pack along a makeup refresher kit so that you can reapply when you arrive. It may be a good idea to pack dental hygiene supplies to freshen your breath as well. Choose a hairstyle that will not fall or wilt as you are traveling. A nice updo is a good choice when you have a long day of travel and do not want your hairstyle to fall. A messy bun will also give you flexibility and be forgiving after a long day.

It is possible to keep your look fresh and put together when you plan ahead and account for the rigors of travel. With the right choices, you will be looking as good as new all throughout the event.

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