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Watch This Twin Tank Engined Pulling Tractor Make A Full Pull With The Wheels Up Like A Boss

No matter the form of motorsports you love the most, there’s nothing like seeing the poetry in motion that the right setup can bring. This goes for everything from top fuel dragsters to pulling tractors as you will see below. When a team or a crew chief turns the right knobs and dials, when the crew gets things serviced and set up properly, and when the driver manages all of the power perfectly you get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. In the case of the top fuel guys, that is a run where the car sounds great and pulls hard from the start to the finish and for a tractor puller that means you get to see your machine pull the nefarious weight sled all the way down and through the end of the straight course. This pull below is simply awesome to watch.

This is a tractor from the Netherlands and it derives its horsepower from a pair of Rolls Royce Meteor V12 engines. These were tank engines and it looks to us like the pair of them on this tractor are supercharged. Note the nice air inlet on the front of both engines that looks to be feeding a centrifugal supercharger. In non-blown form, these 27-liter former tank engines made 650hp but with the huffer, significantly more and that is in stock form, not hot rodded tractor puller form. We’re guessing that this thing makes 4,000hp with both of these wicked up engines running full tilt, which they totally are here.

Initially we thought the team may have missed on the weight balance for the tractor because the nose comes up so quick, but it comes up and stays at a decent level where the driver can just stand on the power and ride it out. The most impressive part of the pull to us is the head of steam that the tractor works up while pulling the sled. This baby is really rocking and rolling! Like we said at the beginning, there’s nothing cooler in any form of motorsports when you see a team hit a proverbial home run. This pull is one of those!


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