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What I learnt after taking break from social media – BB9ja Peace

Reality TV star, Peace Ogor, has said the social media makes it easy for people to have self-doubt and self-insufficiency.

Ogor, who recently took a break from social media, said the experience gave her room to re-strategise and give herself the necessary pep talk to keep herself moving.

Narrating her experience, she said, “I learnt that we all need a break! It’s refreshing. The world is so fast paced and even faster paced on social media. This makes it so easy for self-doubt and self-insufficiency to creep in. But that break gave me a room to re-strategise and give myself the necessary pep talk to keep it moving.

“For me it was a combination of family time, sufficient rest, more working, planning and executions. You’ll see what I came up with soon, it truly wasn’t all rest.”

 The media influencer, who urged her teeming fans, particularly ladies, to put an end to abusive and toxic relationships, said a lot of women were majorly suffering from the phenomenon.

 She, however, advised women to always stay alert to spot abusive or toxic signs in their relationships.

 Ogor said, “I recently did a skit with some friends concerning this topic and we can all agree that it’s sensitive because of the damaging power that it carries. Abusive and toxic relationships could be physical, sexual or emotional and it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time.

 “It is nurtured and 98% of the time it is intentional. Unfortunately, as a woman our gender is the majority that suffers from this phenomenon and what that means is that we have to stay alert at all times so we can detect the patterns at the early stages.  Once the signs are noticed, exit the relationship physically and don’t look back.”

 Describing her experience during the BB9ja show as a bitter-sweet one, the reality TV star said she had been exploring the opportunities she got after taking part in the show.

 “It’s been a whirlwind of a journey. It’s interesting because two years ago I was this girl constantly fighting to be heard and make something out for herself. Today, I’m still that girl constantly trying to improve her yesterday self, relish her present self and work to ameliorate the living conditions for her future self.

 “The fame that comes with the BB9ja show I had a bitter-sweet experience with and this is because it’s such a trade-off. The downside being losing 95% of your privacy while the upside is the access you get. This access creates room for endless opportunities and for me the compromise is worth it,” she said.

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