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What Kinds of Cars Have the Least Environmental Impact?

As more and more people become concerned about climate change, attention has turned to environmentally efficient cars. And as you shop for your next vehicle, it helps to know which types of cars have the least impact on the environment. Here's what to know about environmentally friendly cars.

Economy Cars

Most people know that cars that run purely on gasoline aren't good for the environment. But if an electric or hybrid car isn't in the budget for you, there are still some gasoline-powered cars that make less of a negative environmental impact. These are small cars, also known as economy cars or compact cars. Budget says that Economy cars tend to be the smallest of all vehicle groups. They generally get about 30 MPG, and have stellar fuel economy. Popular types of economy cars include the Honda Civic and Honda Fit, the Toyota Corolla, the Dodge Dart, and the Chevrolet Cruze.

Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid

Not everyone knows that there are two types of hybrid vehicles. The most common type, known simply as a hybrid, has no plug-in capability. While gasoline is still its primary source of power, a hybrid vehicle also has an electric motor. This enables us to use less gasoline than a non-hybrid of a similar size. A plug-in hybrid has a larger battery. With these vehicles, it's possible to charge them enough to run on electric-only power for a longer period of time. These vehicles are an environmentally conscious choice for those who want an electric car but live or travel in an area with few charging stations.

Electric Cars

As the most environmentally conscious car type of all, electric cars are gaining in popularity, with models from Nissan, Tesla, and Chevrolet leading the way. Since these cars run only on an electric charge, they can be operated without the use of fossil fuels. And while electric cars are quickly making progress, they still don't have the travel range of a gasoline-powered vehicle. However, as manufacturers develop more capable models and more areas add charging stations, travel by electric car is quickly becoming more and more feasible.

In conclusion, if you're someone with an interest in reducing environmental impact, there are plenty of vehicle types to choose from. And whether you choose to drive a smaller gas-powered vehicle or opt for a hybrid or full-electric model, each choice you make makes a difference over time.

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