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What's Keeping You From Your Wellness Goals?

Each January, people everywhere make all sorts of resolutions. These resolutions are usually goals dealing with career advancement, relationships and wellness. If you're finding that your wellness goals have already gotten sidetracked, it might be time to look at what may be keeping you from reaching those goals.


It isn't very easy to move forward with your wellness goals when you constantly think negatively. According to Blissful Light, this kind of thinking kills your motivation over time, making it more difficult for you to stick to your goals. Negative thinking also causes stress. Additionally, goals require a certain amount of faith to attain. Truly, negative thinking and words have no major place in your life if you wish to maintain your wellness.


Recreational substances, like beer or wine, can be tricky. On the one hand, for example, it's said that wine can be good for your heart. On the other hand, that one glass of wine you drink for your health can easily become more. That's one thing that the Transformations Treatment Center reports seeing a lot. It's easy to increase the consumption of substances, like alcohol, without being aware of it until you've developed a problem that negatively impacts your life.

If you have trouble quitting or cutting back your drinking, it could be a sign you have an alcohol use disorder. This disorder can wreak serious havoc on your health and wellness, your relationships and your life. However, getting control of this disorder will reap numerous health benefits over the course of your life.

Lack of Exercise

LifeSpan Fitness has published serious negative consequences for your health for those with a sedentary lifestyle. A lack of regular exercise has been attributed to the occurrence of certain kinds of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Aside from this, not exercising means that you may not have enough muscle and bone mass as you get older. A lack of this tissue leads to all sorts of mobility issues and, in some cases, may contribute to stress fractures and falls. Finally, regular exercise can help alleviate stress, which can also affect your long-term health.

Your long-term health and longevity depend on how well you stick to your wellness goals. However, it's easy to get sidetracked from your goals. Issues with negativity, substance abuse or exercise can hold you back. If you truly want to be well, then you owe it to yourself to keep track of any issue that affects your wellness.

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