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What to Do Before Renting Out Your Basement

If you don’t use your basement often and are looking for things to do with the extra space, then you should consider renting it out. Renting out your cellar allows you to make better use of the space and provide you with additional income. Before renting it out, there are a few things to take care of.

Finish It

When you rent out your basement, you want to make sure you provide a quality space for your renters. The best way to do this is by finishing your basement first. A finished basement provides a better living environment, and it justifies charging a higher monthly rent. To finish your basement, you want to consider what amenities you should include for potential renters.

Most people will make sure to have at least a bathroom in their finished basement. If you’re renting out your basement as an apartment, then you might also consider adding a kitchen or kitchenette.

Find Tenants

Your next step will be actually finding tenants for your rented space. Since it is in your home, you’ll want to be pickier when selecting tenants. Background and credit checks help you find reliable tenants. You can have more of a guarantee that they will pay the rent on time and that they won’t be a risk to your property.

You may also choose to hold interviews to ensure they are the kind of tenants who will respect both the property and you. To find tenants, you can advertise on many different housing sites, or you can advertise locally.

Make it Legal

Most basement apartments are not legal apartments. However, these flats aren’t highly regulated and usually aren’t reported unless there are neighbor complaints. This means that most homeowners don’t bother making it legal. If you choose to have a legal basement apartment, then you need to meet a few requirements. These include having a separate entrance, including egress windows, and meeting minimum room sizes and ceiling heights.

Making your basement apartment legal can provide a safer environment for your tenants, and you can avoid large fines if your illegal apartment is reported. Renting out your basement is an excellent option for increasing your income and providing you with cash flow. If you choose to rent out your basement, you want to make sure you take all the proper measures to get it ready.

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