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What to Know Before Hosting a Pool Party in Your Backyard

Summer is here! And there’s no way to celebrate with your friends and family quite like throwing a neighborhood pool party. However, throwing a great pool party isn’t necessarily as straightforward as it may seem – so here are a few tips.

Plan Your Party

Planning is everything when it comes to a good party – no matter what kind of party you’re throwing. While some people might have the charisma and the luck to just throw together a pool party at short notice, it’s really not quite so simple! The best way to ensure that it turns out well is to plan in advance. Sound out invites at least a week or two beforehand so that people will have time to adjust their schedules accordingly. Think about how many people are projected to come, how much food will be needed, and how long it will last. Think about if the pool alone is enough – are you going to want to watch a movie afterward? Play some games? The options are endless! Just make sure that you don’t overwhelm the partygoers.

Pool Safety

This is one part that a lot of people overlook. While it’s an especially important aspect to consider when it comes to having a pool party for kids, it’s also important to think about adult pool parties too. Arguably even more so, since alcohol is often involved! You’re going to want to think about the most likely accidents – people slipping and falling, or people hitting their head when diving. Make sure people don’t dive into the shallow section. Try and purchase some poolside mats that are made to be non-slippery. Also, pool owners should have first aid and rescue supplies available nearby. Have a phone always handy for an emergency call.


It's hard to overstate the importance of good food. People will stay at a mediocre party if they have great food, and people will leave a great party if the food isn’t all that impressive. The best option is probably a carefully made barbecue. There’s nothing people enjoy at a pool party quite like a cookout, complete with grilled meats of various kinds, salads, watermelon, and the other summer classics. If you don’t have a grill – don’t worry! Consult party blogs or recipe sites for easy, delicious alternatives.

The best party is simply a fun party. Invite the people that you want to see, the people that you want to be with. Find things to have fun with. The key isn’t in spending a lot of money – it’s in knowing what your friends and family love to do.

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