When Do You Need to Go to the Doctor?

There are many different symptoms and health issues that can come up over the course of a lifetime. Some of these issues are mild, and although inconvenient, they’re tolerable. Other issues can be life-threatening if you don’t address them with a doctor. Even when you feel fine, it’s a good idea to get a routine physical at least once every year with a doctor who you trust. If a problem does come up, you’ll have baseline information that your doctor can use to diagnose and treat you. If you’re questioning whether or not you should see a doctor for your health issue, there are some guidelines you can follow.


Most people get headaches now and then. You may get them from stress, dehydration, illness or lack of sleep. If you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever and get results from it, you’re probably don't need medical attention. If you find that your headaches are becoming more severe or happen more often, then you should get checked out. Also, the American Migraine Foundation recommends keeping an eye out for changes in your vision during a headache, as this can be an especially telltale sign that something’s wrong.


There are a number of issues that contribute to vision problems. If you notice that your vision is declining, you should bring this up to your doctor. Certain eye conditions could be addressed early with eye surgery to prevent blindness later on. If you notice sudden changes in your vision, even if they go away, you should seek emergency medical attention right away. Accidents and injuries can also cause vision problems. Retina Care Consultants advises being especially careful when paintballing or hammering metal, as these activities often cause eye injuries. In case of injury, it’s important to get treated immediately to avoid vision loss.

Heart Issues

There are a number of alarming heart issues that you should have checked out. This includes palpitations, shortness of breath, feeling like there is pressure on your chest, or feeling like your heart is racing. A few diagnostic tests can determine if your heart is working at its best efficiency. If you're having heart problems, you could be putting yourself at a higher risk of heart attack or stroke by not being treated by a medical professional.

Healthcare is expensive in America, so there are a lot of people that put off going to the doctor. They are worried about the bills that they’re going to incur from the visit. However, it’s incredibly important that you listen to your body. Don’t ignore something that’s going on if it’s causing you pain, discomfort, or worry. Some things resolve on their own, true, but other things can have permanent consequences when not addressed.

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