Why Every Motorcycle Rider Needs Insurance

Motorcycles can be a great way to get around. Their maneuverability is far superior to a car’s, they’re far less expensive and can be a ton of fun. That said, they can also be dangerous. Motorcycle riders face the risk of not being seen by cars, and when accidents happen, they can be catastrophic. Every motorcycle rider needs to carry insurance.

It’s Often the Law

Even if the costs associated with an accident weren’t an issue, one of the biggest reasons why motorcycle riders need to carry insurance is because it’s often legally required. The majority of states require motorcyclists to carry some amount of insurance. The specific requirements are determined at a state level, much like how car insurance works. Because of the greater amount of risk involved, motorcycle insurance tends to be more expensive than car insurance, but there are things you can do to reduce the cost.

Cover Medical Bills

If you’re in an accident, you’re probably going to need some medical care. While that care is important, it’s also expensive. If the legal requirements aren’t reason enough, the option to not have to pay for your medical bills out of your pocket can be a convincing reason to carry insurance. The level of coverage you carry will determine how much of your medical expenses are covered by your insurance. In many cases, you might be able to get compensation for time off work and other associated costs of an accident. If that’s an option you want to pursue, make sure you keep careful records and document everything. You may be required to prove you missed work due to your accident, in which case seeing a doctor is a must.

Covering Property Damage

Accidents almost invariably result in property damage. Whether that damage is done to your bike, a car, or other property depends on the specific accident, but all of it is going to be expensive to pay for. Fortunately, liability insurance covers damage you may do to someone else’s property, and collision and comprehensive coverage take care of the damage done to yours. The level of coverage you select is up to you. Generally speaking, the more coverage you carry, the more you’ll pay for it, but you’ll receive greater protection in return.

Insurance is incredibly important for motorcyclists. It’s often a legal requirement, but beyond that, it can be invaluable when it comes to covering medical bills and the cost of property damage. The hope is that you’ll never have to use it, but if you do, it’s far better to have it than to not.

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