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Why it’s Important to Take Care of Cavities Quickly

Cavities can arise because of poor diet, age, or a number of other factors. Whatever the cause of cavities, they can be a painful nuisance. Taking care of cavities quickly is important for your health as well as your wellbeing.

Prevent Infection

If left untreated, cavities can lead to serious tooth infections. At the onset of a cavity forming, it is not big enough to do much damage to your teeth. However, cavities can grow if not treated, reaching deeper and more sensitive parts of your teeth. If your cavity opens up the pulp chamber of your tooth to bacteria, an infection can start.

Treating an infection can become much more complicated than just treating a cavity. Additionally, infections can have negative effects in other areas of your body besides just your mouth, so they should be avoided at all costs.

Avoid a Root Canal

Root canal treatments help fix problems with the pulp chamber that is often compromised through cavities. While doctors are very skilled at performing root canal treatments, these treatments are more serious than regular cavity fillings.

Patients are usually given some kind of anesthetic during a root canal. Even if you get a root canal, infection can still remain behind after the procedure and lead to more complications. To avoid these altogether, it is best to avoid as much infection from cavities as possible.

Reduce Pain

You may not feel a cavity when it first forms, but it will grow more painful the longer it persists. Because you use your mouth every day to eat, talk, breathe, and do other basic activities, tooth pain can infiltrate many parts of your life. Cavity pain can be especially intense or sharp when you ingest hot or cold foods. Instead of having to adjust your regular diet to avoid foods that will especially hurt your infected tooth, you can fill your cavities as quickly as possible.

One of the reasons why you might hesitate to take care of your cavities is that you don’t want to have a visible filling. If this is the case, remember that if you do nothing about your cavities, the infection will only get worse. You will probably need to completely remove teeth and get replacement teeth instead of only caps. Instead of needing to replace your entire tooth, you can act immediately and have either a filling or a cap of gold, silver, or porcelain.

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