Why Keeping Your Blood Pressure Under Control is Important

Most people under the age of 30 probably don't worry about their blood pressure. Maybe they are starting to care more about what they eat. They might be taking better care of their bodies and exercising more. But blood pressure? That's just something people their parents' and grandparents' ages need to worry about. Right? Wrong.

It Impacts Your Whole Body

When your blood pressure is not under control, whether it's high (hypertension) or low (hypotension), it wreaks havoc on other areas of your body. Some of the parts of your body it can affect include your:

  • Heart: Let’s say your blood pressure is measured at 120/80. The top number is the rate at which blood courses through your veins when your heart beats. The bottom number measures how hard your blood rushes when your heart is not beating. If something affects your heart, it affects your blood pressure and vice versa.

  • Brain: High blood pressure can cause a ministroke, or a transient ischemic attack (TIA); an aneurysm; or a full stroke. It can also lead to MCI (mild cognitive impairment) that may eventually lead to dementia. Low blood pressure can cause syncope (fainting) as well as dizziness and shock.

  • Kidneys: Kidney disease is on the rise, partially due to more people suffering from high blood pressure. If your blood pressure is too high or too low, it will determine how effectively the blood vessels to and from your kidneys can get rid of your body's waste.

It Might Impact Your Job

It is important to continually take your medication in order to keep your BP on track. You can also purchase an easy-to-read blood pressure cuff to keep with you at work, home or when you travel. Keeping your blood pressure in check can help you keep your job. Occupations, such as trucking, require employees to regularly complete physical exams, and failing them can result in not being allowed to continue in that field.

Issues That Affect Blood Pressure

There are several factors that can impact your blood pressure. Some of the biggest culprits are:

  • Stress

  • Diet

  • Excessive alcohol intake

  • Lack of exercise

  • Nicotine use

Keeping your blood pressure where it needs to be is something you can work on. In order to keep your blood at a healthy level, take your medication, eat healthy, exercise, stop smoking, keep alcohol to a minimum and meditate. It’s important to take steps to be healthy so that you can have a longer and happier life.

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