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Why You Shouldn’t Be Nervous About Getting Braces

Braces are often considered something of a milestone that is meant to be experienced as a preteen, or maybe even a teen. But once you’re an adult, that sort of thing tends to be less common. That can cause you to feel a little apprehensive if you need to get braces as an adult. Here are three reasons to rest a little more at ease about the idea!

They’re Less Intrusive These Days

Years ago, braces were big, bulky, and very, very obvious. The design of braces today is far more delicate. The smaller size and finer design make the braces of today much less intrusive, both in terms of how they feel in your mouth and how they look. Some are designed specifically to be less visible, if not entirely unseen. Those are ideal for people whose nervousness stems from feeling self conscious about how the braces look.

Plenty of Options

If the traditional metal braces make you feel uncomfortable, whether because of how they look or all the restrictions there are on what you can eat, the good news is that there are plenty of different options. Invisalign is a popular option for a few reasons. The benefit to Invisalign is that you can eat what you want. They’re also practically invisible. If you aren’t a good candidate for Invisalign but still want something subtle, lingual braces and ceramic braces are options worth considering as well. You might also look into self-ligating braces, which could help decrease the amount of time you need to wear them for. There’s an option for everyone.

Discomfort Doesn’t Last

Some people may find themselves nervous about dealing with the discomfort that seems inherent with braces. It’s true, braces can lead to some level of discomfort, especially as your mouth adjusts to them. The nice thing about the discomfort associated with braces is that it doesn’t last. There are things you can do to minimize your discomfort as you wait for your mouth to adjust. Be sure to talk to your orthodontist if that discomfort doesn’t go away or worsens, however. They should be able to help you.

You don’t need to be nervous about getting braces as an adult. Braces have come a long way over the last several years. There are lots of options, some of which are impressively subtle. The discomfort you may experience won’t last, and they’ll be off before you know it. Just make sure that you wear your retainer as directed so you can keep the results for the rest of your life.

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