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Young Ipswich students on what they want from the new government

Young Ipswich students have voiced their desires for the new government, highlighting their need for support in areas such as mental health and securing housing. These young individuals are aware of the challenges they face and are determined to make their voices heard, hoping for positive change that will benefit their well-being and future prospects. Mental health is a pressing concern among the youth, and Ipswich students are no exception. The article does not delve into specific details regarding the mental health issues these students face, but it is evident that they require assistance and help in this area. The government should invest in mental health services and ensure that accessible and appropriate support is available to young people who are struggling. Alongside mental health, housing security is another prominent issue that young Ipswich students want the new government to address. Many of these students have concerns about their future living situations, whether it be finding affordable accommodation or achieving stability in their housing arrangements. The government must prioritize policies that create affordable housing options and provide support for those at risk of homelessness. This will instill a sense of security and stability among young individuals, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their lives, such as education and career development. It is encouraging to see young Ipswich students actively engaging with politics and voicing their concerns. By doing so, they are advocating for their rights and the rights of their peers. This level of civic participation demonstrates the importance of a democratic society, where individuals have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. It is

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