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Who We Help

FACTO Network is a full-service digital marketing and direct sales agency with a client base that includes businesses of every size and budget.

We're the premier resource and digital marketing solution team of professionals.

Our digital marketing agency can assist you with all of your marketing needs. We handle everything from search engine optimization campaigns, content creation to customized PPC campaigns, and even website design solutions.

Contact us today to get your free, no-obligation consultation!

FACTO works to realize your goals and accomplish your objectives.

Grocery Store Staff

Small Businesses

When you’re strapped for cash, looking to grow, and need a marketing kick-start, we have your back! Our ability to attract new business for you at the price that's just right is one of the main reasons that we're able to continually be one of the industry's leading digital marketing companies.

Soap Store Owner

Franchisors and Franchisees

Our digital marketing experts know the right solutions to help franchisors and franchisees get the most sales out of their products or services. Our team has experience in working with both parties, and will help to elevate your business to new heights in no time.

Home Control App

Home Services

Our home service companies are some of the most valuable members of our communities. We're proud to have the backs of the hard-working men and women who make our lives a little bit easier each and every day. Get in touch with us, so that we can connect you with the people who need your services the most.

Pharmacist Assisting Customer


People are always looking for the best and most affordable healthcare services near them. Start working with FACTO today to highlight your practice and get connected with the potential patients in your area! We have years of experience in working alongside healthcare professionals just like you.

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Legal Practices

Legal practices can see a direct boost in clients as a result of paid campaigns, social outreach, content marketing, and more. Whether you work in criminal court, immigration, family law, or another field, our team can help you promote your name in your area.

Baker Online Store


A successful eCommerce business needs sales to survive! Get new customers clicking over to your website each day with a fresh, new site design, quality content, and strong paid advertising solutions to highlight your best deals and offers.




If you want your business to survive online, you can't do it without professional SEO services. Work with our talented representatives who know exactly how to rank your site for relevant keywords and get more eyes on your website now and for years to come. We also provide monthly content pieces that educate and engage your clients, while aiding your efforts to rank for additional keywords.


Facebook Ads

With nearly three billion active users on Facebook, advertisements are the best way to grab their attention. Implementing the right Facebook campaign helps you catch the eye of customers and build rapport with them. Our experts know exactly how to take advantage of Facebook's sophisticated algorithm to start delivering you new leads each and every day.


Content Creation

Content marketing is a long-term play, but will establish your business as an industry authority with time. Clients will turn to you as their go-to source of information regarding their issues and recommend your articles to friends and family. Even if a customer can't learn how to do something themselves, they'll know to count on you for any future work they will need.


Google Ads

Extend your ads to create a diverse online presence for your business and get the most publicity. We brainstorm to find the right keywords to target your business’s display, search, and video ads. We manage your AdWords campaign to bring in new website visits and increase lead generation. Our experts utilize sophisticated software to automatically manage your budget and keeping your costs competitive. This service now includes YouTube video ads!


Website Design

Appealing and innovative website design helps you get an edge over your competitors and connect your target audiences across the world. Our web designers keep your brand in mind to ensure that everything is catered properly! Everything will be prepared according to your specifications to give you a different online presence and contribute to your business’s growth.


Social Posting

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn give your business incredible exposure and promotes your brand’s identity at the global level. Each platform statistically attracts a wide variety of age demographics, income levels, and more. Learn how to market your brand on each service!

“Incredible, hands-on service. We had more new leads in the first month than we knew what to do with.”

James London, CEO @ Media Knows

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Become our next success story.

Get in touch today to learn more about how you can get your free, personalized marketing plan.

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Facebook Ads Case Studies

Follow the download link below to access a zip folder containing ten unique case studies that follow our Facebook Ads experience. These studies explore a variety of problems we faced with clients across different industries. We demonstrate the strategies and actions taken, and how those choices earned our client real results when using the Facebook platform.

Google Ads Case Studies

We also have ten unique case studies that follow our paid search journey within Google Ads. Click the link below to download these studies and learn more about how we've helped small business clients to large-scale enterprises. You won't need to purchase a plan to see exactly how high we are able to rank your business, while saving you thousands in in your ad budget throughout your time with us.

facto google
facto seo

SEO Case Studies

Finally, we are providing ten unique case studies courtesy of our search engine optimization specialists. Click the link below to download reports detailing what our team has done in the past for our clients to help rank for keywords, elevate website rankings, improve domain authority, and rank for Google's coveted 3-pack. All of these case studies are absolutely free and require no signup or information.

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