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Brit Journalist savages Americans mocking the Queen, invokes Joe Biden and George Floyd to do so

America broke up with England for a reason, and we are never, ever, ever getting back together. But I hate to admit it, these shots from British journalist Sophie Corcoran are begrudgingly fair. I’m not someone who has strong opinions about the Queen one way or the other. Other Americans do, and many of them have been mocking the Royals.

There are also the leftist complaints about colonization and whatever other buzzwords they learned on Twitter. As Corcoran points out, for all the mockery of how Brits are mourning the death of the Queen, leftists may want to take a look in the mirror.

Dear Americans who mock us for mourning our beloved queen, She dedicated her entire life to her duty and our country even just two days before her death. You mourned a man who pointed a gun at a pregnant woman by burning cities to the ground. We are not the same. — Sophie Corcoran (@sophielouisecc) September 13, 2022

Just saying, George Floyd has bronze statues made of him and paintings portraying him as Jesus Christ. Plus, there was that time Nancy Pelosi thanked him for sacrificing his life for justice. I wouldn’t lump ALL Americans into that category. But fair is fair.

As is this tweet comparing the UK’s near-100-year-old head of state versus our near-80-year-old puddingheaded president. Again, not all Americans, and no one reading this right now voted for the buffoon. But when our guy can’t finish sentences or stay upright for extended periods at a time, we may not want to toss pebbles from our glass-enclosed condominiums.

Prince Andrew is fair game, but that opens us up to another clap back.

Our head of state served the country and did her job gracefully ensuring a peaceful transition of power just two days before her death aged 96! Your current head of state, can’t even walk up the stairs without falling over or get through a sentence. — Sophie Corcoran (@sophielouisecc) September 13, 2022

You win this round, Sophie Corcoran. Cheeri-o, pip pip, God save the King, and all that bollocks.

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