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Cam Newton Accepts Being Called ‘Trash’ On Social Media And Offers Positive Message

cam newton

Source: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff / Getty

Jasmin Brown had social media in a frenzy after she shared that she found joy in being submissive. Now Brown’s rumored boyfriend Cam Newton is getting stones thrown at him because of her comment. While Brown enjoys catering to her man, the internet says the NFL star isn’t worthy of such treatment. One woman even went as far as to deem the NFL star trash in an Instagram post.

So, before I say my piece. Please understand I know that Cam Newton is trash, I warned y’all a long time ago that he was. But as usual, when you see a ‘Black Love’ relationship, all the trash s*** about the man goes out the window because he is with a black woman. So, please don’t Comment with the ‘he is trash’ WE KNOW!! You the one late to the party. Submissive comes in different ways and forms. So, just because you didn’t ask [her] to cook or clean doesn’t mean you ain’t asking [her] to submit to you … The point is, don’t submit to a man who is not worthy. If you choose to do that, then that on you … but hey; this is Just my Opinion…#thatisall#camnewton#nfl

This particular comment caught the NFL free agent’s eye. Instead of giving a scathing response, he encouraged the naysayer to not tear folks down.

“I can accept me being trash THANK YOU; that will uplift me I HOPE YOUR BLOG SUCCEEDS AS I SEE IT IS DOING VERY WELL, so far,” he said.  “nevertheless I feel as if you can use your platform to bring sunshine to someone RATHER than more RAIN (there are HELLA blogs already tearing down people daily) … hey, but what do I know IM TRASH.”

Judea responded and said “maybe” Cam Newton isn’t a “trash person” but the situation he put his child’s mother in is. Newton didn’t want to marry his former longtime girlfriend Shakia Proctor. Newton and Proctor were dating for nine years have four children together.

“I don’t think men understand how dangerous birth is,” she said. “She good and able to risk her life to have your children but not good enough to be your wife.”

Newton then asked her to reveal herself.

“are you married!? do you have kids!? WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE PERSON IM ACTUALLY TALKING TO!?….the person I AM HAVING A CONVERSATION WITH KNOWS ALOT ABOUT ME… so could you please render that infor so I can have an idea [of] the person I am speaking with…”

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During a visit to Shan Boodram’s Lovers & Friends podcast, Brown got people’s heads turning when she said she enjoys spoiling her man. Brown and Newton never confirmed that they are dating but its assumed she is gushing about him.

“You know, like packing his bag, unpacking his bag. Just making sure—all the things that he wants. I pretty much read his mind,” Brown said. “If I know you and I study you, I know how you are in the morning; I know how you are by midday. Before you can even ask me for something, I’m already on it. He’s spoiled but I love that. I think my biggest flex is how I treat my man.”

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