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Driving with Your Dog— Keeping Your Pup Calm and Your Eyes on the Road

Dogs and humans alike love to experience the revitalizing and refreshing effects of fresh air, and the car is a fun way to get it. Bringing your dog on an impromptu or planned trip is a fantastic way to spend time together, and making sure your buddy is safe and comfortable is priority number one. Taking your BFF everywhere with you is a dream come true. Here are some safety tips to make that dream a reality.

Keep Them Safe

Buckling up isn't just for the safety of humans but dogs as well. Securing your best friend by finding a suitable and comfortable way to properly restrain them in the car ensures their safety and yours. There are many ways to protect your dog while keeping them cozy. Several different types of harnesses are available for travel to keep your pup in the seat rather than sliding around the car. Crates and cushioned carry boxes provide a safe and stable ride while dog guards and backseat hammocks and barriers offer more room to stretch out providing a similar amount of stability. Interestingly, many people like to ride with their dogs, but only 16 percent of owners properly restrain their dog while driving.

Keep Them Calm

Dog's are extra-sensitive, especially to the emotions of their beloved humans. Keeping your dog calm in the car is vital for their safety. Make sure to consistently associate a ride in the car with positive things your dog enjoys whether it's a favorite toy, a yummy treat, or some good old-fashioned praise. Consider your own driving stress as well. Your confidence gives your dog confidence and helps them to relax in situations and surroundings that they would ordinarily find stressful. Bringing an article of clothing with your scent on it can help to soothe them on a car ride.

Keep Your Focus

Staying focused while driving with your furry friend can be challenging, and investing time preparing your dog prior to your drive is the best way to stay safe. Spending time familiarizing your dog with the car and using proper restraints increases the success of every car ride. Preparation and patience are the keys to mastering driving safely with your pup.

Keeping your dog safe and calm while you stay focused on the road guarantees that you'll both have a fantastic adventure. Follow each step to create successful and memorable journeys that make a positive and lasting impact on your dog.

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