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European Merchant Services Selects Joachim Goyvaerts as CEO

<p>In an official announcement on 1 September, European Merchant Services (EMS) confirmed that it has <a href=“; target=“_blank”>appointed</a> Joachim Goyvaerts, the former Director of Benelux & Ireland at PayPal, as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.</p><p>With more than two decades of experience in the financial services industry, Goyvaerts has deep expertise in global <a href=“; target=“_blank”>payments</a>. At PayPal, Goyvaerts spent almost eight years and served in a wide range of senior-level roles. In his new role as the CEO of EMS, he aims to facilitate the company’s expansion plans.</p><p>“I am looking forward to putting EMS in the forefront as a solution provider for local entrepreneurs in the Benelux, and to leverage its payments excellence for large corporations. Through collaboration with all stakeholders in the payment ecosystem, we aim to provide seamless payment experiences for our clients and their customers. Recent wins in growing and digitizing industry verticals, backed by a strong and diverse team, demonstrates the enormous potential of EMS as a leading and trusted payment provider,” commented Goyvaerts.</p><p>EMS is a joint venture between Fiserv and the European financial services giant, <a href=“; target=“_blank”>ABN AMRO</a>. In the recent announcement, EMS noted that the appointment of Joachim Goyvaerts as the Chief Executive Officer has been approved by De Nederlandsche Bank.</p><p>Growth</p><p>Richard Bruens, the Chair of the Supervisory Board of EMS, noted that Goyvaerts’ proven track record and his experience will play an important role in the company’s next phase of growth.</p><p>“As consumer expectations and technology continue to advance, businesses in the Benelux can rely on EMS to enable a broad range of payment experiences in-store, online, and across channels,” said John Power, the Vice President of Joint Ventures at Fiserv.</p><p>“We look forward to working with Joachim. Given his extensive experience in the payments area, he is the right person to lead EMS in its next phase of growth,” Bruens added in the latest press release.</p>

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