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Guest Column: We in America can fix our broken politics

Guest Column: Fixing our Broken Politics in America Americans are fed up with politics. That's the obvious conclusion of a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, which found that many of us have "unrelentingly negative" views of politics. In today's hyper-partisan and divisive political climate, it's not surprising that people are feeling disillusioned and disenchanted with our democracy. The constant bickering, gridlock, and lack of progress have left many Americans feeling frustrated and powerless. But here's the thing - we can fix our broken politics. We have the power to change the system and make it work for the people once again. Here are a few ideas on how we can do that: 1. Encourage voter participation: One of the biggest problems in our political system is low voter turnout. Many Americans feel that their voice doesn't matter or that the system is rigged against them. We need to change that perception and make it easier for every eligible citizen to vote. This can be done by implementing automatic voter registration, expanding early voting, and making Election Day a national holiday. 2. Reduce the influence of money in politics: Money plays a significant role in our political system, and it often drowns out the voices of ordinary citizens. We need to take steps to reduce the influence of big money in politics and level the playing field. This can be achieved through campaign finance reform, transparency in political donations, and public financing of elections. 3. Foster civil discourse: Political discourse in America has become toxic and divisive. We need to bring back civility and respect to our political debates. Instead of demonizing those with different opinions, we should promote constructive dialogue and seek common ground. This can be done by encouraging media outlets to provide balanced coverage, promoting bipartisan initiatives, and advocating for respectful discussions in schools and communities. 4. Reform the voting system: Our voting system is in desperate need of an overhaul. The first-past-the-post system often leads to a two-party duopoly and leaves many voters feeling disenfranchised. We should explore alternative voting methods such as ranked-choice voting, proportional representation, and open primaries to ensure that every vote counts and that a broader range of voices and perspectives are represented in our government. 5. Invest in civic education: Many Americans lack a basic understanding of our political system and how it works. This lack of knowledge can lead to apathy and disengagement. We need to invest in civic education programs that teach young people about their rights, responsibilities, and the importance of active participation in democracy. By empowering the next generation with knowledge and skills, we can create a more informed and engaged electorate. 6. Hold elected officials accountable: Our elected officials work for us, the people. It's essential that we hold them accountable for their actions and decisions. This can be done through increased transparency, ethics reforms, and strengthening the mechanisms for citizen participation, such as town hall meetings and public hearings. By making sure our elected officials know that we are paying attention and expect them to represent our interests, we can create a more responsive and responsible government. 7. Bridge the political divide: The increasing polarization in American politics is tearing our country apart. We need to bridge the political divide and find common ground. This requires reaching out to those with different views, listening to their concerns, and finding areas of agreement. It also means rejecting the notion that compromise is a weakness and understanding that it is the foundation of a functioning democracy. Fixing our broken politics won't happen overnight, and it won't be easy. But it's essential for the future of our democracy. We, the people, have the power to bring about change and create a political system that works for all Americans. It starts with getting involved, staying informed, and advocating for the reforms we need. Let's make our voices heard, let's demand better, and let's fix our broken politics. America deserves a government that represents the people and works for the common good.

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