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How to Create a Lasting Legacy

Making sure you have a secure financial base for you and your family right now is only one part of a complete economic plan. It would help if you also thought about the future–and what will happen when you pass away. How can you create a financial legacy for others in the future?

Donate to Charity

It’s always really important to think about the rest of humanity around you, and not just the people you know and care about. Charities are a great way to contribute to your community. Various charities are in place to give to those who need help–people who are sick, dying, unable to work, or in need of support in any number of material ways.

There are many you could choose from when it comes to donating, so make sure you pick a cause that has personal significance to you. Do your research to make sure the charity is legitimate and will use your funds responsibly.

Leave Money to Your Kids

You should also consider your own family. People who live in less-fortunate financial circumstances might have to fight their entire life in order to give their kids the economic basis they need to be successful. Some people might be reluctant to give their children large amounts of money since they believe it won’t force them to learn the importance of work and responsibility.

Consider your specific situation, as well as that of your children and future children. Know how much money would be helpful and how much would be detrimental to their development. You also need to think about your large assets when making an estate plan; assets passed down outside a trust fall into probate.

Be Worthy of That Legacy

A big part of making a significant difference is being a better person on an individual level. Money is powerful because it makes things happen, and you can make a material difference in the lives of those who need it most. But your legacy–financial and otherwise–is also going to be heavily affected by what people remember about you. It’s never too late to try and work on yourself. No matter the age, you shouldn’t underestimate the role that psychological therapy and spirituality can have in your legacy.

It can be hard to think about your legacy. People might be worried about the economic impact on their families after they pass away. Some might be worried about their emotional impact. It is never too late to work on both.

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