How to Use Social Media to Expand Your Customer Base

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Social media has changed the face of how we do business with our customers. Instead of relying on word of mouth and face-to-face interactions, businesses rely on social media to create and expand their customer base. But how do you do that effectively? Here are three tips to help your business connect more with your customers and expand your customer base.

Create Shareable Content

One of the best ways to expand your customer base is to create shareable content. Shareable content should be content you want shared. Customers who like what you post will post it on their walls and their friends will see it. Their friends could share your post that they saw on their friend’s wall and so on and so forth. Creating shareable content can be difficult because you want to create content that is valuable for people to share. This is content that is relevant, trendy, and relatable to your audience. Making your content shareable will help your business reach a wider audience.

Convince Your Skeptics

Your business is going to have people who are on the fence about whether they want to participate in your business or not. There are always people who are going to raise objections to your business, but you cannot respond to all of them. You should follow the 80% rule when determining if a common objection is worth addressing in your bio. If 80% of your skeptics bring up the same problem, then it is important enough for you to address. Convincing your skeptics requires you to be honest and friendly with them.

Quality Interactions with Customers

You want to make sure that your interactions with all your customers on social media are positive experiences. Customers want businesses to be prompt in responding to them when they post a question on their post. Interacting with your customers online is how you present your business to the world. People read the comment section of posts online. They also pay attention to the reviews left about your business. Positive interactions with businesses and customers can help people see your business in a good light and can even make them want to support your business.

Expanding your customer base through social media takes effort. You want to give them a positive impression of your business and create content that’ll pique their interest. But the challenge is worth it because being successful on social media will bring your business to more people.

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